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Mar 27, 2003 08:55 AM

polvilho doce?

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Any clue what this ingredient is?

I'm trying to make Pão de Queijo, a Brazilian cheese bread, and I'm clueless as to what type of starch this recipe is calling for.


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  1. Manioc flour. Let us know how your recipe goes.

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    1. re: Ramon

      Well... a friend recommended tapioca starch as a substitute - which turned out to be terribly wrong and nasty!

      I will try the recommendations posted next weekend and see where I land.


    2. Sweet manioc starch flour (manioc is cassava, btw). If the recipe doesn't also call for Polvilho Azedo (sour manioc starch flour), you may want to cruise for one that does. Or try both as a 50-50 blend (and tinker with the balance in future attempts).

      YOu can buy this stuff in all Brazilian imports stores (ask on the board of your home region if you don't know one) or really good pan-latin markets. Neither is a terribly mainstream product, and while there are all sorts of flours that can be substituted, these are the cannonical ones.

      I'd imagine you could get cassava flour in AFrican stores, but you're on your own with that, so far as how it'll work in the recipe.

      Try if possible to use queijo de minas. It's not imported, but there are Brazilians making it domestically (if you're in NYC, ask on the Manhattan board and I'll tip you to a source there...if you'll drop me an email and remind me, I'll be even more certain to pop in and reply!). Next best is a good Mexican queso blanco.


      1. i also dont have a clue what this is and dont know where 2 get it from if u find out what this is plz msg me bk.