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Mar 26, 2003 03:00 PM

Bacon: Can it be frozen?

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In a fit of generosity from which I'm still reeling, a friend has sent me a sampler of 13 different packs of bacon. Obviously, I can't eat it all at once (altho it would be fun to try..), so I'm wondering if bacon is OK to freeze. I mean, I'm not sure why it *wouldn't* be OK, but I've never encountered frozen bacon before, so I'm just making sure.

And if it can be frozen, for how long?

Knee-deep in pork,

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  1. Bacon freezes really well. Just make sure to wrap it well to protect it from the dreaded freezer burn. And it's also a good idea to separate "serving portions" of the bacon with parchment or freezer paper so you don't have to defrost the whole brick o' bacon if you just need a few slices. Yum. Bacon.

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      I freeze bacon on purpose, so that it can be chopped up more easily, instead of that stringy stuff that results from non-frozen slices. Cut across the slices and then throw them in the pan, and you won't have to crumble up hot bacon.

      1. re: alex

        Thanks so much for this tip! We tried it this weekend with some frozen bacon that we wanted for quiche. hubby was very skeptical, didn't think he'd be able to cut through the frozen block of bacon, but was very impressed with how well it worked. He postulated it's because the fat in the bacon doesn't freeze solid.

        WHen it was cooking he was again skeptical because the pan was so full, but it cooked down wonderfully. And we got perfectly sized small bacon chunks, perfect for quiche!

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          I do the same with proscuitto for pizza and pancetta for pasta sauce. Much easier to chop when frozen.

      2. No, you're right. I don't think you could eat it all at once alone.

        A bacon party would be appropriate at this time.

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        1. re: Abbylovi

          If you do a party, you can taste test all of them in comparison.

          Wrap the bacon around a waterchestnut, secure it with a wooden toothpick, and bake them at 350 degrees until until the bacon is done.

          Of course, there are other dishes you can prepare with the bacon, too.

          1. re: kc girl

            You forgot the chicken liver...Poof...Rumaki!

          2. re: Abbylovi
            Simon Majumdar

            I threw a pork party last weekend for a friends 50th

            1 1/2lbs smoked bacon
            pork sausages
            chilli ribs
            a 1 1/2 ft long entire pigs belly stuffed with sage and skin on garlic

            All from my local organic butcher in London

            I interject this only as I know that Abbylovi will be sickly green with envy:-)


          3. Catie is right - bacon freezes quite well. If you have vacuum sealed packages (ie, a pound) you don't need to worry about freezer burn. I learned a trick that works well for bacon that's opened: seperate the slices and roll each one up, then wrap very tightly in plastic wrap, 2 layers. Then put the little nuggets into a freezer baggie, squeeze all the air out and freze. Then you can thaw just as many slices as you need, leaving the rest frozen. Enjoy!

            1. Me thinks you received the Grateful Palate gift pack? Yum. Christmas gift to my husband.

              Don't worry. It will freeze well in its original wrapping.

              1. I've been freezing bacon for years. I don't know how long you can freeze it, I just know that I've never had problems with freezer burn and, no matter how long it's been in there, it always seems to be good.

                The way I freeze it: I pull out a long strip of plastic wrap and lay it on the counter. Place the bacon strips on it, slightly apart (the plastic wrap should be just a little wider than the bacon, so it works out just fine). Then lay another piece of plastic wrap on the top. Fold the bacon up accordion fashion, then put in a zip-lock bag. This way you can unfold just a few slices and use them. They defrost in just a few minutes.

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                  Karolyn Bacon

                  My name is Karolyn Bacon - how cool is that? I don't know if you can freeze bacon - you can't freeze me so maybe not eh!