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Mar 24, 2003 05:58 PM

what to eat for two weeks after major gum surgery

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That's the bad news. I'm hoping the good news will be from chowhounds who can suggest delicious soft things I can eat to sustain me during these trying times. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Gazpacho; tapioca pudding; chicken a la king on biscuits; Cuban black bean soup; ice cream sundaes; eggs scrambled with cheese and chives; ice-cold V-8; angel hair pasta with a sauce of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and eggplant; lemon meringue pie; moussaka; split pea soup with ham; oven-fried catfish fillet with sweet & sour pineapple sauce and rice; big baked sweet potatoes busted open and filled with brown sugar and butter; baked beans; shrimp bisque; chocolate malteds.

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      during a recent bout with a broken molar I tried Campbell's potato soup with bacon & cheddar. Thumbs way down. However the idea still appealed to me, made my own soup added good cheddar & real bacon stirred in at the end, easy going down & real good, plus it was filling!

    2. Here's a thread that you'll find relevant:


      1. Having been through it, I'll say that for the first day or two even scrambled eggs might be too much.
        What worked best for me was Cream of Wheat, or something similar. You can dress it up with brown sugar or butter. It has no grains to get stuck in dangerous places. You can get individual packets, and give the rest of it away afterwards.
        Applesauce works well, too.
        After the first few days, all those other good suggestions can come into play.
        Good luck!


        1. ryan's lowfat creamed spinach. this is one of those things you just have to taste to understand. You take spinach. Alot. sautee with fresh chopped garlic and olive oil and sea salt in huge pot and close lid. when leaves are wilted put in blender and puree to pre-babyfood consistancy. Its so creamy as is, it seems like it contains cream and cheese but Now to finish:

          For ryan's Fancy spinach add a little truffle oil and chevre. The strong taste of both ingrediants need only a drop of fat to taste like the spinach is pure fat.

          For ryan's Comfort spinach add a little chedder cheese and nutmeg.

          For ryan's chinese spinach add soysauce and fresh ginger.

          serve all at room temperature.

          1. I am sure your periodontist gave you a list of stuff not to eat. Please make sure he included berries(small seeds). As one who brought wild huckleberries back from the northwest during this period, i was very acutely aware of this problem with my first mouthful. he has since added this to his list but it was a very eye-opening experience. actually, other than that anything that wasn't on the list was perfectly fine.