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Mar 24, 2003 11:40 AM

What do you do with leftover cornbread?

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Sure, you can just eat it for breakfast, but do you have any other ideas? Often we'll eat a couple pieces with dinner, leave the rest for a few days, and then throw it out. I'd rather find a good use...

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  1. It makes a great dressing (stuffing baked in a casserole) for chicken, turkey, etc. I saute a sliced onion and a handful of celery in a good bit of butter, throw in some cayenne pepper and crumble in the cornbread. I put it in a casserole and bake it as a side dish. You can also throw in some cooked rice, an apple (its good if you saute some apple and leave some raw, for the textural variety). Sometimes I also brown some sausage with the onions, and/or throw in some dried cranberries or pecans. It's good enough to eat as a meal with everything thrown in.

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      I make dressing the same way but pour in chicken stock until it is almost soupy before baking.

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        My Mom crumbles left over cornbread into freezer bags and thereby provides me with the raw material for dressing.

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          Feed it to the dogs or chickens--make some fresh when I want to eat it again.

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            This is a favorite Southern morning treat. Crumble some cornbread into a bowl or mug. Sprinkle with sugar (or drizzle with honey or syrup). Pour cold milk over all. Or, eliminate sweeteners and just pour some cold buttermilk overall.

            1 Box Jiffy Cornbread, baked, cooled & crumbled (or equal amount of leftover cornbread from your favorite recipe)
            1 Cup chopped tomatoes
            1 Cup chopped celery
            ½ Cup chopped green bell peppers
            1 bunch green onions w/tops, chopped
            1 Cup Miracle Whip

            Combine all ingredients thoroughly, cover and chill overnight.

            There’s a Southwestern version where you use Mexican Cornbread Mix and to the above list of ingredients, you add some canned kidney, pinto, chili, or Ranch Style beans, drained. Several recipes call for a can of corn, also drained. Some use 1 Pkg Hidden Valley Dressing mix (prepared) instead of the Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise. Also, ½ cup chopped sweet pickles or pickle relish and ¼ cup sweet pickle juice is popular. I've seen several recipes that instruct: “top with grated cheese (either Cheddar or Parmesan).” One recipe adds pimentos and pecans. Many recipes include bacon - anywhere from 4 strips up to 1 pound - fried crisp, chopped, and stirred into the salad, often with some reserved to sprinkle over for garnish.

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              thank you so much for taking the time to write out that recipe for cornbread salad.

              I made it last night to go with our bbq chicken and it was sooooo good.

              thanks again

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                Do you have any suggestions?

        1. It freezes well.

          1. Fry slabs in bacon fat and serve with ham (esp. if you want to become a human donut).

            1. Leftover cornbread makes delectable salad croutons. Just cut into cubes and bake or saute in a little olive oil until browned, just as you would with regular croutons.

              Works on lots of types of vegetable salads, especially those with southwestern ingredients (ie., bell peppers, black beans, etc.)

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                Hear, hear on the crouton idea. Corn-bread croutons are also particularly good tossed into hearty soups.