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What do you do with leftover cornbread?

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Sure, you can just eat it for breakfast, but do you have any other ideas? Often we'll eat a couple pieces with dinner, leave the rest for a few days, and then throw it out. I'd rather find a good use...

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  1. It makes a great dressing (stuffing baked in a casserole) for chicken, turkey, etc. I saute a sliced onion and a handful of celery in a good bit of butter, throw in some cayenne pepper and crumble in the cornbread. I put it in a casserole and bake it as a side dish. You can also throw in some cooked rice, an apple (its good if you saute some apple and leave some raw, for the textural variety). Sometimes I also brown some sausage with the onions, and/or throw in some dried cranberries or pecans. It's good enough to eat as a meal with everything thrown in.

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      I make dressing the same way but pour in chicken stock until it is almost soupy before baking.

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        My Mom crumbles left over cornbread into freezer bags and thereby provides me with the raw material for dressing.

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          Feed it to the dogs or chickens--make some fresh when I want to eat it again.

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            This is a favorite Southern morning treat. Crumble some cornbread into a bowl or mug. Sprinkle with sugar (or drizzle with honey or syrup). Pour cold milk over all. Or, eliminate sweeteners and just pour some cold buttermilk overall.

            1 Box Jiffy Cornbread, baked, cooled & crumbled (or equal amount of leftover cornbread from your favorite recipe)
            1 Cup chopped tomatoes
            1 Cup chopped celery
            ½ Cup chopped green bell peppers
            1 bunch green onions w/tops, chopped
            1 Cup Miracle Whip

            Combine all ingredients thoroughly, cover and chill overnight.

            There’s a Southwestern version where you use Mexican Cornbread Mix and to the above list of ingredients, you add some canned kidney, pinto, chili, or Ranch Style beans, drained. Several recipes call for a can of corn, also drained. Some use 1 Pkg Hidden Valley Dressing mix (prepared) instead of the Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise. Also, ½ cup chopped sweet pickles or pickle relish and ¼ cup sweet pickle juice is popular. I've seen several recipes that instruct: “top with grated cheese (either Cheddar or Parmesan).” One recipe adds pimentos and pecans. Many recipes include bacon - anywhere from 4 strips up to 1 pound - fried crisp, chopped, and stirred into the salad, often with some reserved to sprinkle over for garnish.

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              thank you so much for taking the time to write out that recipe for cornbread salad.

              I made it last night to go with our bbq chicken and it was sooooo good.

              thanks again

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                Do you have any suggestions?

        1. It freezes well.

          1. Fry slabs in bacon fat and serve with ham (esp. if you want to become a human donut).

            1. Leftover cornbread makes delectable salad croutons. Just cut into cubes and bake or saute in a little olive oil until browned, just as you would with regular croutons.

              Works on lots of types of vegetable salads, especially those with southwestern ingredients (ie., bell peppers, black beans, etc.)

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                Hear, hear on the crouton idea. Corn-bread croutons are also particularly good tossed into hearty soups.

              2. I only live just South of the Mason-Dixon but I have to ask "What's leftover cornbread??" If I want cornbread for stuffing I have to bake a special batch. At most I might have enough for the next days breakfast but that's it! That I slice in half, butter & put in the fry pan until lightly browned.

                1. I eat it the next day crumbled up in buttermilk, make cornbread stuffing from it (after freezing it first if I am not making stuffing right away), make cornbread salad (cubed or crumbled cornbread, diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, and chopped parsely tossed with mayonnnaise, salt, and pepper); or mix crumbled cornbread into meat loaves, bean patties, salmon patties, etc. . . anything to avoid throwing it away.

                  1. I sometimes make a breakfast or lunch cassarole by cutting up the cornbread into 1-in cubes, putting it in a pyrex baking pan with some chopped ham and corn, cover the mix with beaten eggs, and bake until the eggs set. Really yummy.

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                      We do a similar kind of "cornbread hash" for breakfast, by sauteeing some onions and other veggies, like zucchini, corn and peppers, for example, then adding crumbled cornbread, eggs, a little cheese and scallions.

                    2. Make a sweet corn bread pudding out of it. Cube it and follow any bread pudding recipe. It is especially good if some berries are folded in before baking.

                      Pat G.

                      1. Split it, toast it, butter it. Pile high w/ sauteed crabmeat, leftover butterbeans and a slice of ham. Make a little "sauce" with cream that has been heated up with a tiny bit of jalapeno in it. Just remember, anything bread can do, cornbread can do better.

                        1. I love it crumbled with milk and honey, but if the idea of eating that cold is unappealing (as it is to me), heat the milk first or just put the whole mess in the microwave...The bread pudding idea is great; it's especially good with blueberries or recently-picked wild dewberries (coming soon!!!).

                          1. I know this string is getting awfully long but BOY does that question bring back memories. My mom's favorite bedtime after-the-news snack was leftover cornbread stuffed (not crumbled, just kind of crammed) into a tall glass with sweet milk poured over it, then eaten with a long spoon.
                            She would, on occasion, do the same thing with fritos (!) and buttermilk, but slightly stale cornbread & milk was the classic, and the tall glass and the iced-tea spoon were essential. I miss the heck out of my mom, I believe I will have to make some cornbread tomorrow.

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                              My grandmother did the exact same thing... crammed the cornbread into a tall glass with a long spoon to fish out every delicious bite. Never heard of the fritos thing and not a fan of buttermilk either. At any rate, thank you for reminding me of such a precious memory!

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                                I learned to love cornbread in milk from my dad. A truly delicious snack.

                            2. Makes delicious bread crumbs once crumbled and dried (toasted). On catfish, chicken, whatever! Of course the crouton, stuffing, and fried ideas are all equally yummy!

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                                I was going to suggest croutons, but Elsie beat me to it! You can also slice, toast, and serve with butter and honey (or maple syrup), or crumble into chili.

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                                  I get a lot more mileage out of old cornbread than new with all these suggestions. It's what justifies making a big pan of it with just two people in the house. Just split, toasted and buttered is the best thing I can think of for a bowl of chili for lunch, either in the bowl or alongside. And I love stuffing a rolled pork roast with cornbread, onion, chopped apple and golden raisins all stirred together with melted butter and a little broth. Haven't done that lately …

                              2. I love it with chili pored over the top.

                                1. I would split, toast, butter and jam. Or split, toast, top with cheddar and broil. Great breakfast.

                                  For dinner, I'd split, toast and top with baked beans and grilled onions.

                                  1. I have taken leftover cornbread, sliced in half horizontally and fried both sides in butter until lightly brown. Served with maple syrup, it makes a nice change from pancakes. I suppose you could do the same thing for dinner w/o the Maple syrup. Maybe drizzle some leftover gravy on them.

                                    If I have just one piece left over, I have crumbled that up and added it to Pancake batter. Sort of a modified Johnnycake.

                                    Finally, crumbled up, with a litttle Parm cheese and powdered garlic added, makes a nice topping for broiled Tomatoes.....and although I have yet to try it, I suspect Green Beans as well

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                                      Cornbread fry-toasted like that would make a really fine base for creamed stuff: chicken, egg, chipped beef, mushrooms, whatever. I've served that sort of thing on fresh cornbread but I think skillet-fried leftover would be a major improvement.

                                    2. I discovered this combo this weekend, prepping for Canadian Thanksgiving. I had made a cornbread in prep for my turkey stuffing, and had moved on to the pumpkin pie. I had leftover pumpkin pie filling, so I put a couple of thin slices of cornbread in a buttered ceramic baking dish, and poured the pumpkin filling over it, baking with the pie (but removing from the oven sooner). It was like a cross between cake and pie- delicious, not quite as rich as pie. This would also work well cutting out circles and placing in a muffin tin!

                                      1. Croutons, cornbread salad, and the classic: leftover cornbread crumbled into a glass and topped with sliced green onion, and either sweetmilk or buttermilk. Yum.

                                        1. I do the breakfast hash thing too.I use a bulk breakfast sausage. and add the cornbread. Top with maple syrup,

                                          1. Cornbread Salad is a southern staple. There are many recipes online, authentic ones usually require pickle juice.

                                            1. Cornbread breadcrumbs can be used as filler in crabcakes, shrimp burgers, and other fried cakes, or left to go stale and used as breading for deep fried coatings.

                                              1. One of my favorite restaurants serves cornbread croutons with their salads - just cube neatly, heat them up, or heat them a bit longer in a slow oven to crisp them, and serve them as croutons in salads - baby greens, red onion, cucumber, tomato, strawberries, fried or grilled chicken slices, raspberry/vinegar dressing. Delicious! (You can freeze the cornbread or the croutons to use in salads again.)

                                                You can also use leftover cornbread in a Mex-Tex casserole - a little tacky, but everyone loves it. Use the cornbread crumbled as a base. Top with what you like - drained black beans, cheeses, salso, browned ground beef, taco seasoning. Mix a little sour cream with your base to keep it juicy. Cook the whole business in a 350 degree oven til it's hot and bubbly.