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Mar 19, 2003 02:28 PM

Can you do anything with sage flowers?

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My sage plant is flowering. Can I do anything with the flowers? Are they edible? Are there any recipes for them?

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  1. I have never used sage flowers, but looked up some information on the web and in a book that I have called "Growing & Using Sage"

    Sage flowers are definitely edible. In doing a search for "sage flower recipes" on Google, I came up with more references to pineapple sage flowers than anything else, but they are all edible.

    Here are a couple of recipes:

    Sage flower pesto -

    Roast pork with sage flower sauce -

    I also saw that you can use pineapple sage flowers (and I assume other types) in a potpourri.


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      In the summertime, when my herbs are overflowing with deliciousness, they inevitably get flwers because I am not diligent about keeping that from happening. Sage leaves can sometimes be quite bitter, but often just taste like a mellow sage leaf. I often throw the sage flowers, thyme flowers, chive flowers, etc. into salads or if I am cooking something fancy, I use them as a garnish. As a garnish, there is nothing more beautiful and fragrant than fresh herb flowers. They could also garnish a pureed soup very nicely.

      Chive blossems can be cooked in their entirety, but that is a different story.

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        How do you keep flowering herbs from flowering?

        Should you just pinch off the flowers when they form?

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          What do sage flowers taste like? I adore sage.

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            Yes, if you want to keep any plant from flowering, simply pinch off the buds as you see them beginning to form. I always pinch the flower buds off of my summer basil plants, so the fragrant basil leaves will keep coming. I do like sage flowers in green salads,they are very beautiful and fragrant and tasty.

      2. Not responding to your question, sorry, but once I had deep fried sage leaves as an antipasto in Friuli. They were just dipped into an egg mixture and fried until crispy and they were addictively good.

        1. Sage Flower Pesto
          2 cups sage flowers
          1/4 cups walnuts, roasted
          1/2 cup walnut oil
          1 clove garlic, peeled
          4 green onion, white part only, coarsely chopped

          Process all ingredients in processor until smooth. Good on pasta or as
          an accompaniment to roast pork or veal.

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          1. they are edible but I don't know any recipes all I know is that you can put them on top of cakes for decoration. Hope this helped :)