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Best Food Websites

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I am wondering whether anyone can point me in the direction of some especially cool food-related websites, hopefully with links included. I'll get the ball rolling by throwing in the JB Prince site (www.jbprince.com)-- the best shopping site I know.

David A.

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    1. re: Nancy Berry

      The Curry House website is indeed pretty cool. Thanks. I would never have stumbled upon this one myself.

      David A.

    2. Here's what I have bookmarked under "food" on my laptop:

      www.8legged.com - cooking lessons from an animated octopus

      www.christmas-cookies.com - great cookie recipes

      www.lileks.com/institute/gallery/inde... - Gallery of Regretable Food

      http://www.goodeatsfanpage.com/GEFP/i... - Good Eats fan site

      http://www.caloriecountercharts.com/c... - A good calorie and nutritional chart

      http://mahabazaar.com/ - a really good online Indian grocery store. I've had great luck with them.

      1. Nancy -- the Gallery of Regrettable Food is hilarious. Thanks. Here's a more serious website that I love: a recipe archive from Michelin two-star chef Raymond Blanc. There's enough here to keep a very ambitious home cook occupied for the rest of his or her life.

        David A

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        1. re: David A.

          Am I missing where the link is? ;o)

        2. I just have www.outlawcook.com, chowhound, and foodmaven.com. Not very interesting, but I'm increasing my food links collection slowly. I have to really like a site to bookmark it.

          1. davidlebovitz.com has a really good recipe archive. He used to be the pastry chef at Chez Panisse and now runs tours of pastry shops in Paris.

            1. Here are links to some websites for folks who like to listen to food radio shows online:

              Lynne Rossetto Kasper's wonderful The Splendid Table

              Ed Levine’s interesting show, Dish

              BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme

              A Chef's Table with Jim Coleman

              All About Food with Jean Feraca (Wisconsin Public Radio

              1. sautewednesday.com is an extensive listing of many things food related....links to all the major newspaper food sections across the country, food magazines, the science of food, international food pages, authors, on and on......you can spend hours here....

                  1. re: mistermike

                    huge fan of importfood.com (and their mail order items make great house gifts)
                    www.worldspice.com - wonderful source for spices/teas/spice blends and some marvelous recipes are being added
                    stilltasty.com is an interesting site about food shelf life
                    cake wrecks when I need a giggle, more blog than site http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/
                    tastespotting.com is a daily read; so many amazing home cooks out there
                    seriouseats.com - also a daily read
                    rounded out by NPR Food, CH and the NYTimes Food sections

                    1. Dave,

                      Here are a few I have bookmarked that I don't remember seeing on the long list of recommendations from our forum friends. Thanks for the others from all of you.
                      Also, try our new website at http://www.newitalianrecipes.com, geared toward gourmet cooking of traditional and non-traditional Italian recipes.

                      Regards, Dave B. (Dear Old Dave
                      Here are the others:

                      Link: http://www.newitalianrecipes.com

                          1. http://www.saveur.com
                            As far as food magazine websites go, Saveur is 5-star.

                            1. Blog by Jason Perlow, eGullet Founder

                              Joy of Baking

                              Inside info on cuban food by three guys from Miami, en Inglés

                              1. I just found and like this website, it looks like its still being built but this recipe was genius: