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Mar 15, 2003 03:25 AM

What does Camembert taste like?

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Why is it the king of cheese? I know its illegal becasue it is raw, but what does it taste like. Very similar to bree? Is it worth my effort? If it is all that I hear it is I will seek it out. Any tips?


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  1. Def worth seeking out. Tastes like a cross btwn old socks and stale armpit.

    Love ya, Bree

    1. Not all Camembert is raw. French Camembert imported to the US is pasturized and tastes similar to but less powerful than French unpasturized Camembert. Either is worth seeking out. Just make sure it is French (not Wisconsin or something) and ripe. It comes in a round wooden box. You take the lid off and press. It should give a little in the center and not be kept too cold. Or you can go to a good cheese shop where it will be properly ripened.

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      1. re: lucia

        It's one of my favorites. While I think it is similar in taste to brie, I find it to be milder, more agreeable to my palate. No need to necessarily buy a whole box in order to sample it (just in case you don't care for it). Many purveyors will cut small wedges for you from a large round.

        1. re: RGR

          I find the opposite to be true--camembert has a stronger flavor than Brie (unless the Brie is overripened--as is often the case in the US--when it gets a very distinct acidic flavor). The fat content in camembert is also lower, so it's a bit less rich and creamy.

          For comparison, you might want to try a tomme de savoie or a reblochon, which have similar textures, but even stronger, more distinctive flavors.


      2. Don't forget to try the Camembert (style) cheese made in New York's Hudson Valley.

        I thought Regianno Parmesean was the king of cheese.

        1. As another poster said, Parmigiano Reggiano is generally considered to be "The King of Cheeses." I personally have never heard that said about camembert.

          Also, camembert is similar to brie, as you suggested, but camembert is a stronger-flavored cheese.

          It's usually considered a more "rustic" and less "refined" cheese than camembert. If you like strongly-flavored cheeses, and if you like brie, you will like camembert, probably better. On the other hand, if you usually prefer milder-flavored cheeses, you'd do well to stick with brie.

          I actually much prefer camembert to brie - but I DO like strong cheeses. Brie may be a more "elegant" cheese (and I also like it), but it's also more "wimpy" (for want of a better word) in flavor.

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          1. re: ChrissieH

            Good description - we've never had it but will definitely try it. Thanks! D.

            1. re: Donna - MI

              But just reread my post...

              Probably should have said that the flavor of brie is more "delicate" than camembert, rather than "wimpy."

              Didn't mean to imply a negative connotation.

              Which I think most people would definitely think "wimpy" does. :)

            2. re: ChrissieH

              Well, dang.

              Wish I could "edit" that post.

              I got my words screwed up. :(

              Camembert is usually considered to be a more "rustic" and less "refined" cheese than brie. (I said it just backwards in my previous post.)

              Brie is more refined, delicate, creamier - some would even say more "elegant."

              Camembert is more strongly-flavored.

              Jeeze - if I'm gonna post here, I need to CONCENTRATE...