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Mar 10, 2003 04:24 PM

too spicy!

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I have often used too much hot sauce or peppers in
my chili (and other dishes). There must be a simple way to reduce this taste from same. I heard use sugar but I can't imagine myself putting sugar in my chili!

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  1. d
    david sprague

    in chili prep, i've had some luck de-spicing via the addition of a small amount of masa (corn flour) made into a paste with either beer, water (liquid of your choice)....maybe 2-3 TBSP to start....

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    1. re: david sprague

      Thank you David ....
      I certainly will try the masa and beer. In fact I just popped a cap before responding. I presume that it is also appropriate to test taste the beer while mixing with the corn flower!!

      Owen THANKS


    2. w
      wow i'm a dog

      I just did this with a batch of chili myself. It was eye-watering --not in good way. Martha Stewart Living just addressed this in their March 2003 issue (page 30 - can't find it online). The advice boiled down to this:
      - try drinking milk or beer (or other alcohol) with it
      - add dairy toppings (like sour cream or cheese)
      - serve with starchy side dishes (cornbread, rice, tortillas)
      - add a more mild batch to the spicy batch to dilute

      1. Too bad you're on the other side of the continent! I just made a batch last night and it's distinctly too mild. We could have blended the two.

        I'll be adding many minced chipotles in adobo to remedy the problem....

        1. Never heard of putting sugar in your chili? You've never had Cincinnati style. My family's chili uses brown sugar.

          As to your question, you'd add sugar to balance the salt not the heat.

          In my resource guide, it says to add salt to the pot to combat too spicy food. If you're trying to eat something on your plate, THEN try a little sugar, or you could try buttermilk, milk, bread, or crackers to neutralize the spiciness.

          1. In addition to diluting (beer, beef stock, tomatoes, beans - whatever you prefer) and adding a small touch of sweetness, try adding a little grated bitter chocolate (about 1 oz. for 3-4 lbs. of meat). It balances the heat a bit.