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White coconut?!?

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I just came back from the supermarket (Stop&Shop) and for the first time in my life I saw a white coconut. I didn't get one because I had a lot of heavy packages with me and a long walk home. Of course I regret it, on my way back I was thinking about the coconut crepes mentioned here earlier (MS had a recipe for them a few days ago and I want to try it). Well, I guess I'll go back tomorrow, but meanwhile: does anybody if there's a difference between a regular coconut and a white one (besides the color, of course)? I don't know why I immagine them sweeter...
I did a quick search, but I don't find any mention of the white variety. Can anyone enlighten me? TIA

p.s. They also had ugly fruit. S&S is getting fancy.

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  1. by white, i think you mean the ones that are trimmed down into the shape of a cup with a lid, and they arent hairy or anything?

    these are green coconuts...at least that is what they were in the Dominican Republic. The large green husk is removed, and a slit is cut close to the last bit of covering, and you drink the juice...copeous amounts. When you have drunk it dry, it is split, and he heavenly, custardy meat is scooped out with a "spoon" fashioned from the outside. Often a freah pina (sorry no enya) colada is fashioned from one of these and a freah pinapple, and of course great Dominican rum!

    ahh, jill

    1. White Coconut is distinct from regular (brown?) coconut, and it is not just a matter of having the brown hair removed. I am not sure that there is a taste difference between the two, though perhaps if you are a real afficionado of coconuts you may notice a slight variation between them.

      Also, I think the fruit you mention is usually spelled "ugli".

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        'Also, I think the fruit you mention is usually spelled "ugli".....'

        The very first time I saw them, over 8 years ago, they were called "Ugly". Are people now uncomfortable with that name now?

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          Caitlin McGrath

          I believe when you see "ugly," it's a misspelling. All the reference I've ever seen are to "ugli," and a quick google turned up the fact that a company that grows it in Jamaica actually has a trademark on the name ugli fruit!

          Link: http://whatscookingamerica.net/UgliFr...

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            My mistake, it's ugli fruit indeed.

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        Pat Goldberg

        Stop and Shop may be getting fancy, but it is also in big trouble. Recent articles about their parent company in the Netherlands describe them as the Dutch equivalent of Enron.

        If anyone wants to discuss this further, we should take it to the Not About Food pages.

        Pat G.