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Feb 23, 2003 12:58 PM

Korean Dogmeat?

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Has anyone ever been to Seoul and eaten dog? What's it taste like? How do they serve it?

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  1. They serve is sliced thin and seared with onions and ginger. Tastes like shit.

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    1. re: TheFoodDude

      Tastes like shit. I'm sure that's figurative. Have a more literal description? Look, I will never eat dog so long as I live. The idea revolts me. But I'm kind of curious.

      1. re: Willy Wilson

        Curiosity killed the cat...

    2. Here's a link to an old discussion of the topic on the International Board.


      1. And don't forget Switzerland! The Swiss have such a large appetite for dog meat that they consume the largest amount of dog meat per capita. They also export their national dog, the Saint Bernard to China for the meat trade. Russia is another country that exports dogs to China for the meat trade.
        And if you think that's gross. It is a common European practice to feed the carcasses of deceased pets (cats, dogs,etc.) to cows and pigs and to recycle pets back into pet food. Ironically it is the Swiss government that took the unprecedented step of writing up new legistraton in an attempt to grant dogs,cats, marsupials and other pets full citizenship under the law. The legislation upgrades the legal status of pets from “domesticate” to citizen. But dogs raised specifically for the purpose of human consumption are not considered pets and thus not protected under the law.

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        1. re: JennyLynn

          Didn't know it while I was eating it, but I ate dog meat sausage. The Swiss like to (usually) eat dog meat processed in some way rather than just sliced etc. So if in Switzerland make sure you're not eating dog or some part of dog mixed in with your cow etc. Switzerland is very good at the PR game, which is why so many people in the US (and the world) don't know about the Swiss' love for dog meat. And NO, I did'nt enjoy it, it gives me no pleasure to know I've eaten Fido. I love my dog!

          1. re: JennyLynn

            Let me get this right: The Swiss feed their dead pets to the pigs and cows, whose meat is then fed to the pets. Does having a step in between protect from "Mad Dog Disease?"

            1. re: Willy Wilson

              Not just the Swiss, "Europeans." BTW, my French grandmother verified JennyLynn's assertions.

              1. re: Pea

                Tripe, snails, hypertrophied goose livers, sweetbreads. Come to think of it, who could be surprised by the French eating dogs? They say that pigs are much smarter that dogs anyway, yet the carnivores among us don't bat an eyelash about pork chops. But I still couldn't eat dog, which is why I asked others what it tasted like. On this one I have to eat vicariously.

          2. I don't know where the fooddude went to eat, but I've been to Seoul and ate dog. It was delicious. It was served stewed with wild sesame leaves. It had a mild taste similar to lamb.

            1. The original comment has been removed