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Feb 18, 2003 08:30 PM

What To Do With Leftover 14 Bean Soup?

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Just curious, is there anything that can be culinarily done to leftover 14 bean soup (no meat in the recipe)? It was good two days ago but it's time to do something else with it, or toss it.



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  1. Add meat to it?

    1. It freezes well, or share it with your co-workers. They will find a crock-pot of warm soup irresistable, unless you live somewhere much warmer that I do!

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      1. re: ann

        I second the freezing idea.

        Under mandate to use things in the house before we would buy new. I made 2 Gallons of 4 bean soup. We froze it in Ziploc bags and periodically took a bag out at re-heated.

        It was just as good the second, third, and fourth time around.

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          On a tangent , my wife started a soup day at her office . Every other Thursday , two or three people make soup for lunch for the whole office , two meatatarian , one vegetarian . They all try to outdo each other , and then share recipes . Almost make me wish I worked there . As for the leftover soup , how about a take on foul , the middle eastern lentil dish that is broiled under a broiler ( duh ) and served with parsley , lemon juice and fresh baked pita ?

        2. Maybe puree it and use it as a dip with pita chips or something?

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          1. re: Natalie

            Interesting idea. I wonder if I can make a form of hummus or other bean dip with it? Time to experiment!

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              This was my immediate thought as well; drain the soup to puree the beans and solids, but save some of the liquid to add back for flavor and consistency.

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            Allie D'Augustine

            You could make a sort of pasta e fagiole... don't know what's already in your soup but cook whatever small pasta you like, thin the soup out with some broth, maybe add tomato, sauted onion, etc. How about sauteed crumbled Italian sausage, if the dish doesn't need to stay vegetarian?

            I made navy beans with a ham hock that I had floating around on Sunday, and intended to add orzo and chicken broth and so forth, but I was tasting the beans to see if they were ready and they were SO GOOD that I ate them as is. Yesterday, I mashed some up with a potato masher and added a little water to make a creamy soup that was also yummy.


            1. For a spin-off on the paste e fagiolo idea, how about adding some bread, and cooking into a ribolitta, for which recipes abound on the net. Just google "ribolitta." The way I've had it in the past,unless I'm thinking of something else, is it was cooked down to almost no broth and the bread had crunchy/crispy edges, as did some of the veggies. Pour a little good olive oil over it before digging in.