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Feb 18, 2003 04:40 PM

What to do with green cauliflower?

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I have some green cauliflower -- I think it's called romesco cauliflower -- and am wondering how best to cook it. How is it different than regular white cauliflower? Better to roast or blanch it? What can I do with the leaves? Is it more nutritious than white cauliflower?(Following the deeper-the-color-the-more-vitamins theory of vegetables.)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Anyway you cook white cauliflower would be fine. It really is beautiful when steamed whole. I don't know about the nutritional value, but what you suggest certainly makes sense.

    1. I had a lovely vegetarian pasta of the day at Santi in Geyserville that featured roasted romesco. It has a lot of flavor. Sorry, I can't recall the other ingredients exactly, maybe roasted cipollini (sp?), garlic, escarole, pine nuts and very good olive oil?

      1. To be honest, I always end up eating my steamed green cauliflower before I can actually use it in the intended recipe. It's just too good. If you can restrain yourself, make pasta with green cauliflower--my Third Favorite Pasta Dish (after tagliatelle al ragu and orechiette with sausage and broccoli rabe).

        To make this Sicilian pasta dish, steam/boil the cauliflower, then saute it into a creamy mush in some olive oil, along with, say, 9 anchovies for 1 head cauliflower ("melt" the anchovies in the olive oil before adding the steamed/boiled cauliflower) and later add some pine nuts, currants/raisins, a little saffron. Toss this with spaghetti or bucatini (see discussion below) and some toasted bread crumbs and you're good to go.

        1. Isn't green cauliflower - um - broccoli?

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            They are in the same vegetable family (cruciferous), along with Brussels sprouts, cabbage, white cauliflower, etc., but they are different vegetables. I wish I could have found a picture for you online. It's a very unusual and beautiful vegetable.

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              Hi Pat,

              Is this the beast?



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                I'm curious, does anyone know the Chinese name for this? The reason I asked in the first place was because "cauliflower" in the PRC was called "white broccoli". Hence my confusion that there could be a third choice.

                1. re: kjhart
                  Stanley Stephan

                  It is really called broccoflower and was a hybrid developed in Holland in 1989 by cross-breeding broccoli and cauliflower. Any Chinese name would date back to 1989.

                2. re: Pat Hammond

                  There are two green cauliflowrs i know of. One is romanesco, (photographed above) which looks like a fractals demo.

                  he other is sicilian, and it has the same round shape as white, only it's a light green.

              2. There's a really good recipe for Pasta with Green Cauliflower at the link below. It's from the San Francisco Chronicle (Janet Fletcher) and it contains olive oil, pine nuts, currants, saffron, anchovies, and onion in addition to the green cauliflower and pasta.