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Feb 9, 2003 01:15 AM

ng-ka-py and wormwood

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All of this chat about Absinthe and wormwood.

I was re-reading "East of Eden" and Steinbeck mentions a drink called ng-ka-py made with wormwood that tastes like rotton apples, but "good rotton apples".

Is there such a drink? A search on goggle didn't turn up much. There is some wine with that name and a licorace flavored liquor. Nothing that tastes like good rotton apples with wormwood other than references to Steinbeck.

Are there other drinks made with wormwood?

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  1. Chowhound to the rescue! This came up in the thread below.

    You can get all the botanical/medical details by Googling on its Mandarin name, "wu jia pi".


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      wow i'm a dog

      Must be something in the air...I just read that too and was wondering the same thing. Thanks for posting and for the info!