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Feb 3, 2003 01:05 PM

Saint-Marcellin Cheese

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I've recently discovered Saint-Marcellin cheese and loved it. I am hoping that somebody could give me suggestions on a cheese plate built around Saint-Marcellin. Wine suggestions would be a bonus as well!

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  1. this may be a cheese that is better paired with ale or beer than wine, so don't exclude these beverages from your comparisons. many cheeses really match them better than wine.

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      How's this for a cheese plate?
      Buy each of your guests their own individual St. Marcellin(and two for you), pick the softest, squishiest and ripest ones they have available, let them sit out at room temp for about 6 hours so they get good and runny. When it's time for the cheese course just cut a nice slice in the top of each persons St. Marcellin and serve with a little fleur de sel on the side, take two fingers and dip into the cheese, sprinkle a little sel on them and proceed to mouth, with the most enjoyable finger fondue imaginable(this also works quite well with Vacherin Mont d'Or also) toasted baguette slices are optional for those who don't want to be "one" with their food!!!!!

      1. Oh god, I ate so much Saint-Marcellin cheese when I was in France last Spring~I just kept thinking that if I ate enough of it, it would BE enough. HA! The cheese vendors at the street market in Voiron sold the best ones~straight from the farm, about 2" in diameter, crusty-moldy on the outside and creamy-to-die-for on the I wish I had one (or 10) right now. My chow-heart skipped a beat just to see the name in print tonight.

        1. Try that cheese with a St. Joseph. The pepper of the Syrah is a perfect foil.

          1. We have just returned from Provence where we enjoyed Saint Marcellin drizzled with the most beautiful, warmed lavender honey...Mmmm...I'm swooning...