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Jan 28, 2003 01:22 PM

"Dill" pickles

  • k

My grandfather used to make the most wonderful dill pickles each summer using both cucumbers and fresh dill from his garden. They were wonderful. Wish I still had the recipe. If I did, I wouldn't be buying supermarket pickles. I have yet to see any brand on the market shelves which lists 'dill' as an ingredient. It's usually called dill flavoring. Any idea why this is so?

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  1. The "kosher dills" I buy have real dill I think.

    1. Try buying Eastern European pickles, Polish or Hungarian - I'm positive they use real dill. If you live in NYC, there are quite a few shops in Yorkville.

      1. j
        JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

        My first guess is that dill flavoring is going to be WAY less expensive than buying real dill- if Delta Airlines saved over a million buks a year by just getting rid of the lettuce leaf garnish on the in-flight meals, you can imagine that the cost savings on herb flavorings vs. real herbs are going to be significant as well.

        1. Gedney's State Fair pickles list dill weed as an ingredient.

          1. My grandmother still makes her pickles like that, she also makes spicy dill pickles. Now I am craving those, I guess I will have to get her recipe or have her send me a batch...