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Dr. Atkins snacks

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A combination of borderline high blood glucose tests and increasing body bulk have forced me into going on this diet. Other than pasta deprivation, its a good diet for me as it allows me to eat most of the things which I like. However, even I can begin to feel guilty after days of snacking on salami, string cheese and pork rinds.

Anyone else been on this diet? What snacks did you invent which settled the cravings? Is it worth buying a bread machine just to have bread and sandwiches again? I have about 100 pounds to lose, so I'm in this for a long haul. This is not a good place for a chowhound!!!!!

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  1. I throw in limited amounts of only 100% whole grain products, eg. 1 slice of wheat bread every day or two when I'm in the early phase of the diet. Be really careful here and read the labels. If it's truly 100% whole grain, it doesn't seem to affect the good results of the diet. I also go heavy on the allowable veggies and even cheat with carrots once in a while.

    To me, the real trick is to completely avoid refined carbohydrates during maintainence. Think "whole foods."

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      I didn't realize carrots aren't on the Atkins diet?

      I just read in "The New Glucose Revolution" that the glycemic index test was incorrect the first time around, and they're now saying carrots have a GI of around 49.

    2. I've been low carbing for about 6 month's trying to avoid sugar and processed grains and artificial stuff as much as possible. I'm steadily losing weight but best part is I feel energized and just good.

      I keep a supply of good nuts(from Trader Joe's), salted almonds, macadamias, peacans, cashews. I'm always trying new cheeses, but I like old standby's Cabots habernero and hunter. I carry around little snack bags of nuts and cheeses, shrimp, pepperoni, salami. These zip locks gets me through the day. My appetite is much less then it ever was. I snack on raw veggies and different sour cream dips. salsa's and hot sauces also add zip to everything; meats, eggs, veggies.
      I do cheat on occasion, can't imagine life without pizza or a hot fudge sundae or a couple of Boddington Cream Ales or Mad Hat #9's, but I try to make it something worth cheating for, then right back on track,no guilt. I think I was addicted to junk food, and now the thought of nacho cheese Doritos or a Milky Way or French Frys does nothing for me . the quality of my food has improved tremendously. Hang in there and
      hope this helps.

      1. I've never tried it, but I have seen Atkins bread (ready made) for sale at a local health food store.

        A lot of people don't like them, but I enjoyed certain flavors of Atkins Advantage Bars. I have a sweet tooth, and these were the only sweet treat I found that I liked. The Cookies 'n Cream and the Cinnamon Swirl were good. I didn't like the Lemon Cream strange, bitter taste) nor the Mocha. I can find these bars in my local Fred Meyer (part of Kroeger). I buy one to try, then if I like it I can buy a case for much cheaper on the internet.

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          torta basilica

          Do you have a Trader Joe's close? If yes, their low-carb bread is ok & tortillas very good. Look on the Synergy diet site for some other ideas - I really like their LC wheat bread, blueberry streusel & LC candies - especially the coconut almond brittle & caramels. There are a lot of LC sites - LC Gourmet comes to mind & Google has a great LC newsgroup.

          Beef Jerky, marinated mushrooms, peanut butter & celery - let me this of some more & I'll get back to you.

          1. Crispy nuts from the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook.

            I usually use raw almonds from Costco.

            Soak the almonds for 24 hours in a big bowl of good water and about 1/4 cup of sea salt.

            Then put on flat pans in one layer in a low 150 degree oven for 24 hours.

            Absolutely delicious -- and the nuts are supposed to be more digestible -- you're supposed to be absorbing more of the nutrients -- and they do not get rancid for a very long time.

            Don't cheat on the soaking or drying hours.

            I usually layer several pizza pans and cake pans in the oven because I use 2 huge bags of almonds.

            1. When my mother did the Atkins diet a couple years ago, her favorite crunchy snack was pork rinds. Be careful reading the label, though -- most brands contain a good amount of starch, but there are at least a few that don't have any carbs at all. Wish I could remember the brand!

              My mother made me import those stupid pork rinds for her for a year (kind of embarrassing to buy 8 bags of pork rinds and a diet coke). Apparently, the grocery store down the street from me in a little town in Mississippi has something that SOMEBODY else doesn't have. :)

              1. Does a low carb milkshake (or way to make one) exist?

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                  torta basilica

                  Call local frozen yougert shops & see if they carry Carbolite - absolutely the most delicious LC soft serve there is! I love the maple nut! When they have vanilla, I bring in a can of diet root beer & have them make me a root beer float. There are a lot of LC milkshakes on the market, too - TJ's has alot & most health food store have powders you can mix with water & ice to make a reasonable facsimile.

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                      My favorite snack on Atkins was Canfield's Diet Fudge Soda with heavy cream floating on the top ... yummy

                  1. I've been doing the Atkins for over three years now and I have accumulated about 12 cookbooks (found on the net at Amazon and some low carb sites). My favorite is Fran McCullough's "Living Low Carb" and her "Low Carb Cookbook." All of the books have some great recipes to satisfy all types of cravings if you have them. They all include wonderful ideas for snacks. I usually keep deviled eggs in the refridgerator as well as chicken wings. I carry string cheese or cheese sticks around in my purse. I buy the thinly sliced roast beef from Costco and then slather it with Beavers Horseradish Sauce, roll it up and devour. Trader Joe's sells macadamia nuts in large bags so I keep them around in the freezer for a quickie. For sweet cravings, I love Diet Rite cola with a large swig of sugarless marachino cherry syrup in the bottom of the glass or a diet rootbeer with some heavy cream in the glass. The possibilities are endless. Go to the "Low Carb Luxury" site on the net. They do some product reviews, have recipes, ideas, messages. There most recent review included some low carb spaghetti that they swear is as close to the real thing as you can get. I bought some but haven't tried it yet. Hang in there. You'll feel terrific and all kinds of good things will happen like your cholesterol will drop. Mine has dropped 66 points and the HDL skyrocketed.

                    1. i like to make fried cheese for a crunchy snack. i get the "quattro formaggio" blend from trader joe's which is asiago, parm., fontina, and provolone already shredded. put 2 tsp. or so in mounds in a non-stick pan. they melt and brown, then you flip them over and do the same on the other side. drain on paper towels. you can add garlic salt or other spices, or use other cheeses. my kids eat these like crazy - i don't actually get much for me!

                      1. Low carb has been our life style for almost 4 years. Occasionally we drop off but seldom go overboard. Just when on vacation and there are wonderful new thigns to sample we don't restrict ourselves. Dreamfields pasts is low carb and tastes like and looks like regular pasta, the linguini or spahetti makes for a great carbonera. We watch sugars carrefully. I was eating a slice or so of Earthgrains high veg. fiber bread but I developed some IBS problems with it so now when I need a piece of toast I have one slice of Pepperidge Farms Very Thin white bread which weighs in a 7.5 g/carb per slice.

                        I like fried almonds for snacks. I make my own by blanching whole almonds in boiling water, slipping the skins off and after drying thoroughly deep frying them and salting. They are very crisp and satisfying.

                        You can do it and once you get past induction then you can start trying different things to see what is going to work for you, what raises your blood sugar levels and so on.

                        1. If Atkins is working for you then that's great- but as a suggestion, South Beach (as far as low-carb diets are concerned) is much easier to adapt to over a long time period. I had done Atkins a while back and developed a lot of negative side effects- not to mention those "snacks" tasted horrible- and my friend who is a doctor warned me that the diet is very dangerous. I'm not a doctor so I'm not going to tell you to go by that- but at least be careful- initial weight loss does not necessarily mean that the diet is healthy- when you cut out almost an entire food group you are obviously severely cutting calories- and thus weight loss is inevitable. Also, at least take other posters suggestions- stick to whole foods. No one can honestly think that pork rinds or "Atkins Bars" are good for you.

                          1. I actually used one of the Milton's breads. It has a decent amount of fiber in it, to help cut down on the carbs.

                            Sausage stuffed baked mushroom caps
                            lots of cheese and sliced meats
                            celery stuffed with peanut butter or pimento cheese
                            beef jerky
                            deviled eggs or egg salad
                            pork rinds with dips or salsa
                            Trader Joes used to have a low carb chip that we would make nachos with
                            crustless quiche - so many different varities
                            Dreyers Low Carb Chocolate Ice Cream with a big scoop of crunchy peanut butter....MY FAVE!!!
                            LOTS of nuts
                            I liked the dreamfields pastas as well
                            All meat chili (Atkins used to make a decent cornbread, but they changed it now...not as good...we even used it to make sausage cornbread stuffing for Christmas)
                            Cauliflower with cheese or alfredo sauce
                            Cauliflower FAUXtatos....these are sooon yummy.
                            there are some decent low carb tortillas out there to make egg burritos or carne asade tacos, etc. with

                            1. You can make a lot of lo-card desserts by replacing the sugar with splenda and the chocolate with any lo-card plain chocolate bar. I took the Jean-George chocolate mouse recipe and turned it totally lo-card - husband didn't even notice!

                              1. Your best bet is to exercise and avoid "the white stuff". The white stuff along with dried fruit and yes even the sugar free snacks and ice cream will wreak havoc with your glucose. You need to look for ingredients such as malitol, sorbitol, and anything ending in "_ose". Sucralose is the only exception. Those are nothing more than glucose with different names. You should also look at sugar alcohol content as well as carbohydrate. I am not fully convinced that a mostly animal based diet is the way to go. Quite frankly one should go by common sense. Eat a lot of greens and some fruit along with animal products and see how your sugar reacts. Exercising also helps your body produce better insulin so do not neglect it. So far I have lost around 40-50 pounds exercising and watching what I eat. Although I will be the first one to admit that I do eat things that don't help my diabetes situation.

                                1. Some of these may be repeats, but what the hay...

                                  Parmesan crisps-- spread shredded parm into circles, bake at 400 til melted and golden
                                  Salami crisps- bake thin slices like the parm crisps
                                  Quesadillas- la tortilla factory tortillas w/ cheese
                                  Cauli-flied rice- cauliflower shredded and subbed for rice
                                  Egg salad spread in celery sticks
                                  Celery sticks spread with cheese or sugar-free peanut butter
                                  Tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil and balsamic (a little) stackers
                                  Maple Smaps (a cereal like rice krispies w/ maple made by Dixie Diner www.dixiediner.com) that is so good dry or maybe with half and half or cream if you like cereal wet, but I love this dry personally
                                  Spinach Souffle (or Broccoli)- Spinach/broccoli combined in a blender with eggs, lipton's soup mix ( a little), sour cream and ricotta, then baked at 350
                                  Pizza made with a meat crust
                                  Cheesecake cups- crush nuts and mix with butter; press into muffin cups, mix cream cheese, eggs + extra yolk, splenda, vanilla, lemon juice (if desired) and a little cream, then pour into cups and bake til set
                                  Chocolate mousse- cream, unsweetened cocoa, splenda and vanilla
                                  Lox and cream cheese- roll salmon strips spread with cream cheese, lemon juice, and capers
                                  Potato skins- bake, scoop (give the insides to the dog, makes potatoes for kids, etc.) spread shells with cheese, remelt, then add salsa and sour cream
                                  Turnip Fries- soak turnip strips in cream to de-bitter, pat dry and mix with salt, pepper, and parmesan, then bake at 425 for half an hour flipping them over half way through
                                  Coleslaw- made with splenda
                                  Spaghetti squash with butter and parmesan
                                  Egg drop soup- made w/o cornstarch
                                  Crustless quiche
                                  Eggy muffins- mix eggs, onions, cheese, jalapenos, a little carbquick baking mix, then bake and top with cheese at the end to melt on top
                                  Cheese danish- cream cheese, eggs, splenda, vanilla, cinnamon, and lemon juice baked up
                                  Gummy Bears- 4 packs unflavored gelatin with one pack sugar free gelatin and 1/4 cup hot water, stick in molds...

                                  1. Hummus with celery, or carrot sticks (not as strict). I like nuts, or nut based snack like Mrs. Mays.

                                    I think the most important thing is to avoid sugar and refined carbs. Complex carbs like a baked sweet potato/yam worked fine for me, they are nutritious, filling and doesn't have an obscene amount of calories.

                                    Most low carb breads and bread product really tasted bad. I've avoided them for a long time. Even the mixes for home bake aren't any good.

                                    In LA I've found a brand called Western Bagel that does low carb bagel and pita. They will do in a pinch but it's not really bread/bagel as it should be. The bagels aren't bad though if topped with cream cheese and lox. Dreamfield pasta on the other hand was very similiar to a regular run of the mill pasta (not the high end artisan made in Italy type).

                                    Lastly, I finally found a low carb ice cream that's similar enough to regular quality (not Ben & Jerry or Haagan-Daaz) to fool me. The Dreyer Slow Churned No Sugar Added Cookies and cream tasted like the real thing.

                                    1. Been on it for 6 months. Good stuff when the rules are followed. Average about 1.5 pounds a day when in kitosis. Lots of good info previously posted. Jello makes no sugar/carbs snackpacks. Great snack.