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Jan 23, 2003 01:44 PM

Dr. Atkins snacks

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A combination of borderline high blood glucose tests and increasing body bulk have forced me into going on this diet. Other than pasta deprivation, its a good diet for me as it allows me to eat most of the things which I like. However, even I can begin to feel guilty after days of snacking on salami, string cheese and pork rinds.

Anyone else been on this diet? What snacks did you invent which settled the cravings? Is it worth buying a bread machine just to have bread and sandwiches again? I have about 100 pounds to lose, so I'm in this for a long haul. This is not a good place for a chowhound!!!!!

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  1. I throw in limited amounts of only 100% whole grain products, eg. 1 slice of wheat bread every day or two when I'm in the early phase of the diet. Be really careful here and read the labels. If it's truly 100% whole grain, it doesn't seem to affect the good results of the diet. I also go heavy on the allowable veggies and even cheat with carrots once in a while.

    To me, the real trick is to completely avoid refined carbohydrates during maintainence. Think "whole foods."

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      I didn't realize carrots aren't on the Atkins diet?

      I just read in "The New Glucose Revolution" that the glycemic index test was incorrect the first time around, and they're now saying carrots have a GI of around 49.

    2. I've been low carbing for about 6 month's trying to avoid sugar and processed grains and artificial stuff as much as possible. I'm steadily losing weight but best part is I feel energized and just good.

      I keep a supply of good nuts(from Trader Joe's), salted almonds, macadamias, peacans, cashews. I'm always trying new cheeses, but I like old standby's Cabots habernero and hunter. I carry around little snack bags of nuts and cheeses, shrimp, pepperoni, salami. These zip locks gets me through the day. My appetite is much less then it ever was. I snack on raw veggies and different sour cream dips. salsa's and hot sauces also add zip to everything; meats, eggs, veggies.
      I do cheat on occasion, can't imagine life without pizza or a hot fudge sundae or a couple of Boddington Cream Ales or Mad Hat #9's, but I try to make it something worth cheating for, then right back on track,no guilt. I think I was addicted to junk food, and now the thought of nacho cheese Doritos or a Milky Way or French Frys does nothing for me . the quality of my food has improved tremendously. Hang in there and
      hope this helps.

      1. I've never tried it, but I have seen Atkins bread (ready made) for sale at a local health food store.

        A lot of people don't like them, but I enjoyed certain flavors of Atkins Advantage Bars. I have a sweet tooth, and these were the only sweet treat I found that I liked. The Cookies 'n Cream and the Cinnamon Swirl were good. I didn't like the Lemon Cream strange, bitter taste) nor the Mocha. I can find these bars in my local Fred Meyer (part of Kroeger). I buy one to try, then if I like it I can buy a case for much cheaper on the internet.

        1. t
          torta basilica

          Do you have a Trader Joe's close? If yes, their low-carb bread is ok & tortillas very good. Look on the Synergy diet site for some other ideas - I really like their LC wheat bread, blueberry streusel & LC candies - especially the coconut almond brittle & caramels. There are a lot of LC sites - LC Gourmet comes to mind & Google has a great LC newsgroup.

          Beef Jerky, marinated mushrooms, peanut butter & celery - let me this of some more & I'll get back to you.

          1. Crispy nuts from the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook.

            I usually use raw almonds from Costco.

            Soak the almonds for 24 hours in a big bowl of good water and about 1/4 cup of sea salt.

            Then put on flat pans in one layer in a low 150 degree oven for 24 hours.

            Absolutely delicious -- and the nuts are supposed to be more digestible -- you're supposed to be absorbing more of the nutrients -- and they do not get rancid for a very long time.

            Don't cheat on the soaking or drying hours.

            I usually layer several pizza pans and cake pans in the oven because I use 2 huge bags of almonds.