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Jan 16, 2003 03:16 PM

Creamy good egg salad

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The thread on tuna fish sandwiches a few days ago made me think about egg salad sandwiches which is one of those things that I can't seem to get right, or at least to make the way I've had them in restaurants and delis.

I have a feeling the answer is "lots and lots of mayo" but it also seems to me that maybe the stuff I buy has a higher yolk to white ratio than what I make. Or, maybe the yolks are mashed separately. Mine seems too chunky and loose. And, I probably shouldn't add pickles since they seem to increase the looseness factor.

Any ideas for marvelous egg salad?

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  1. Instead of black pepper, I use white pepper and then add a pinch of garlic powder and salt. I don't personally like a lot of mayonnaise, I use just enough for the egg to stick together.

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      I always slice my eggs in half and remove yolks. I break up yolks in a bowl, and I usually omit 2 or 3 yolks. Then I add the hardboiled whites to the bowl and dice them with a knife and fork in a cutting motion. This makes the yolks superfine, I don't like alot of yolk chunks in my egg salad. Add mayo (for me, it has to be Hellman's), salt, pepper, paprika and a dash of chili powder. Sometimes I add ranch dressing and omit the chili powder.

    2. Just saw a show on the food network last night where the 911 guy (can't remember his name) made what appeared to be a very good "egg salad", replacing the egg with tofu, adding lots of mayo, pepper, salt and a number of fresh herbs. His guest was impressed...less calories even with all the mayo. You should be able to locate the recipe on the foodtv web site.

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        Oh, yes. Tyler Florence. Or as he's known in my house "Tyyyyyyyyyyyler... sigh..." Wasn't he making Italian food last night?

        I made his Chicken and Dumplings on Sunday, which was wonderful (and even good reheated) but I had a Food 911 moment with my Food 911 recipe as the recipe for the sauce had two different flour measurements, 1 Tbsp and 1/4 cup. The first was probably the wrong one. Guess which I used? I don't always read all the way through.

      2. This recipe is really good. Not deli-style, but worth trying anyway.


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          Wow, that's a good looking recipe. I'll have to try that next.

          As it happens I just finished making some egg salad about an hour before logging onto Chowhound. Here's the recipe I used (first time). It came out pretty good, a little too olive-y for my taste, but I didn't use precise measurements. I prefer diced egg white.

          6 hard boiled eggs, finely grated or sieved
          1/4 C plus 2 T minced pimiento stuffed olives
          1/4 C plus 1 T mayo
          2 T minced green onion
          2 T minced parsley
          1 T prepared Dijon mustard
          Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
          Lettuce for garnish

          1. re: Caviar

            I'm really looking traditional here. Despite the fact that I love olives, I don't really want them in my egg salad. Same for pickles. More than ingredients, I think my problem is texture.

          2. d

            My way of making a creamy egg salad is to put the boiled eggs through a food mill(I can't stand chunky egg salad), then I add mayo, a touch of dijon and a small amount of lemon juice, season with salt and pepper...I also add finely sliced chives too. The food mill is the secret though and you can add whatever you like.

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            1. re: DodinBouffant

              I'm beginning to think this is the way to go and wondering, food mill or sieve? Which is less bother? I wonder if boiled eggs would go through a ricer? (Not that I have one but I do wonder)

              1. re: Sandra V

                Sieving the eggs will provide you with a similar texture but the food mill is much easier.

              2. re: DodinBouffant

                A food processor makes the creamiest egg salad.

                1. re: ironmom

                  The food processor doesn't provide the textural consistency that a food mill does. It's also pretty easy to overprocess and turn the eggs into a puree(which definetely has its uses, but that's another topic).

                  1. re: DodinBouffant

                    I like the creaminess it gives the yolks, as a dressing for the separately chopped whites.

                  2. re: ironmom

                    I also pulse with a food processor...I do that with all my "salads" (i.e. mayo-based tuna, chicken, turkey, ham, egg, etc.) But I am careful to only pulse to ensure the big chunks of white (which gross me out for some reason in egg salad) are sufficiently pulverized to the exact dimensions of the yolk. I find if I do this, I need less may to make a creamy egg salad.

                    1. re: IrishPotato

                      Someone on CH (on this thread?) said that they pushed hard boiled eggs through on the small part of the grater; I tried it and now I do it that way (I don't like big chunks of the white, either). I have to wear the mesh glove or I scrape my knuckles, too.

                      (I wouldn't like to clean the whole food processor.)

                2. Here's yet another prep variation: I hardboil the eggs, cool them, separate the yolks into a separate bowl and mash them fine. To the yolks, I add the mayo and mustard and seasonings, which makes a thick "dressing." Then I coarsely chop the egg whites (as large or fine as is preferred) and add them to the yolk dressing. Mix well.