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Jan 15, 2003 05:32 PM

storing portobello mushrooms

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What is the best way to store portabello mushrooms, or any fresh mushroom for that matter? Should I store them in the fridge and if so, should I put them in a plastic container or what? I just bought some today and will be cooking them friday night. Thanks.

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  1. I store mushrooms of all types in the refrigerator. If I am using them by the next day, I just leave them in the container they came in. If they have been bought in bulk (no container), or it is going to be a few days until I use them, then I line a plastic bag with at least one layer of paper towels and then put in the mushrooms, trying not to let the mushrooms touch the plastic directly. Leave the bag open. Mushrooms need to have air circulation. They keep very well for about a week, assuming they were in good condition when you bought them.

    1. As any other mushroom: put (immediately!) in paper bag, fold top loosely, store in crisper.

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