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Jan 14, 2003 05:44 PM

Instant Hot Chocolate

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Sacrilege, I know, but every once in a while I get an urge for hot chocolate while I'm at work (where I can't heat milk, etc.). Is there any chow-wisdom about the various instant (i.e., mix with boiling water) products on the market? I'd like to find something with a really good, deep chocolate flavor that's not too sweet. (Instant Mexican hot chocolate is, I suspect, too much to hope for).

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  1. Do you have a micro-wave? If so you might be able to use Jacques Torre's hot chocolate mix - very much like Mexican hot chocolate . It comes in regular and spicy. If you are really interested and have a micro wave avaiable I'll try making it in mine to see how it works. (such a sacrifice to drink it!!!)

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      Try buying a carton of good chocolate milk and heating some in the microwave. Add cinnamon or marshmallows.

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        You can also make your own Jacques Torres mix (although I'm not sure if it's as good as the one he sells, since I haven't tried either). The recipe is at and it was demonstrated on his show. Includes powdered milk, grated chocolate and spices, if you want.

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          I made the Jacques Torres Mix to be part of a bunch of Christmas gifts I gave this year. The only difficult part about making the mix is that it calls for Whole dry milk. I searched and searched (internet, posted here, called many stores) and there was none to be found. I have since been informed, by one of the many people whom I asked, that it can be found at the Baker's Catalogue online site (I just checked, and yes, it is there -at

          As I did not find that out early enough, however, I used nonfat dry milk and found that it was very good when mixed with whole milk. I would assume that if you actually used the whole dry milk, it would be perfect.

      2. One thing I've found is that even cheap mix becomes a lot better looking (and I swear - even tasting) if you froth it up. Buy a small plastic battery-operated (2 AA's) drink mixer (an electric swizzle stick) - available at Wal-Mart for $1.95, and mix the heck out of it - keep a small bag of marshmallows at your desk, and voila!

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          >> ""...keep a small bag of marshmallows at your desk..."

          Why not use the marshmellow fluff? It froths up much easier than the soft mini marshmellows.

        2. Hershey's Cocoa Collection has a packaged dry product that's fairly simple. They have Dutch Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Cinnamon Chocolate - but I like adding my own cinnamon. To make it just a bit better, I use the Dutch Chocolate and add a little cream (it cools it down just a little, too).

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            Wendy Leonard

            Trader Joe's has a superb Mexican spiced cocoa sold in a canister--a current favorite with my family. It is not exactly an instant cocoa as it is supposed to be mixed with hot milk but I don't see why you couldn't add powdered milk and hot water.

            1. I made some instant cocoa mix for gifts this year. Most of the recipes I found surfing included non-dairy creamer, which I was opposed to on principle. So I made my recipe up using powdered sugar, non-fat powdered milk, and cocao. Sorry, I already forgot the ratios. YOu would want to play around with it anyway to get the levels of choc. and sugar that suit your taste. It was not the greatest think I ever drank, but good enough, and it was low fat and it worked well just adding water instead of the trouble of heating milk at work.

              You might try Valrhona cocoa if you're serious .