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Jan 13, 2003 09:45 AM

Pollack Roe

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I have about 1/4 lb of very fresh pollack roe. What's the best way for me to take advantage of it?

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    Simon Majumdar

    I would suggest one of two recipes

    1) Saute with a little garlic and chopped shallot spread thickly on crunchy buttered toast and squeeze lemon juice over the top. Lots of fresh pepper and eat

    2) Whiz up in a blender and pour in slowly a good amount of olive oil to make a taramasalata sprinkle the juice of a large lemon and mix in fresh ground pepper and some chopped cilantro. fabulous. Again if you do that sort of thing, on hot crunchy bread


    1. Pollock roe is commonly eaten in Japan and Korea. In japanese, it's called tarako and it's close cousin is mentaiko (cod roe, both of which, I think, come from north pacific cod-family fish). Besides eating it over a hot bowl of rice, or over ochazuki (hot tea rice) or wrapped inside onigiri (rice balls), another favorite is to make tarako (or mentaiko) spaghetti. Plainly, it's butter, roe, and some cream/milk, topped with thinly cut nori (seaweed) over spaghetti. Otherwise, embellish upon it with sauteed vegetables, or chiffonade of shiso leaf (which I like).

      To keep the pollock roe from spoiling, you can steam or bake it to the point that it is cooked through (but don't overcook it) and then use it for your recipes.

      Taramasalata is another good way to use up the pollock roe.

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        Tarako is actually cod roe - Mentaiko is the same treated with hot peppers. I'm not sure that there is a distinction between Cod and Pollack roe - they certainly look identical.

      2. I know this is an old post, but I was hoping to see if anyone had any new ideas. I've become fascinated with this stuff (particularly because I know I can buy it at the international store) and am looking for ways to prepare it.
        Definitely going to try the spaghetti; saw a great video about it and am actually craving it.
        I've also seen some places suggest battering it whole and frying it? Any thoughts on that?
        Also, can you eat it raw? I haven't seen anything that specifically said you could. If so, what's the best way?

        Just curious (and craving...)