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Dec 27, 2002 03:35 PM

Goose stock--soup ideas, anyone??

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I have about 2 gallons of goose stock ready to go, as a result of Christmas goose dinner and my not being psychologically able to put a good carcass in the garbage. The stock is not as gamey as duck stock can be, not as "chewy" as turkey stock, more interesting than chicken stock. Seems like it would make a nice soup.

I imagine Danish and Finnish families would have used goose for soup? What do y'all think would work? I was thinking maybe a mushroom-barley-vegetable.

All ideas welcome! Thanks.

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  1. I think that in parts of Texas during hunting season people sometimes make goose gumbo. I vaguely remember a recipe in Texas Monthly many years ago...probably you could adapt any gumbo recipe that calls for chicken.

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      And I happen to have okra too;)

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        Stanley Stephan

        There's a link below for goose gumbo.

        Here's a link for goose risotto:

        Also, scroll down this link for a really delicious sounding Cream of Carrot and Lemon Soup that uses goose stock.

        NONSANGUINEOUS SVARTSOPPA ... or goose revenge soup



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      Ron Rosenbaum


      Garbure, is a traditional French country cabbage soup, usually made with duck or goose. There's a recipe in the new Zuni Cafe cookbook, and one in Julia Child's "mastering the art" vol. 1, but you could also surf around and find one. Proscuitto or pork products are also often used. A chef I worked for would save the ends and scraps from meat based terrines, and dice it up for his Garbure.

      Use the congealed goose fat on top of your stock for sauteing your veggies. Can't let you throw good goose fat away.

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        No way would I throw the fat away--I've got a quart of it, pure snowy white, in the fridge right now.


      2. I guess I wasn't very imaginative with the stock from our Thanksgiving goose, but I used some of it to make matzoh ball soup (fabulous on December 5 during the snow storm!), some of it as the stock in a vegetable pilaf (designed to make granschildren more vegetable friendly), and have frozen the rest for future use.

        Pat G.

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          Hi Pat,

          For soup I decided to make a garbure-type soup that included some barley and no meat.

          Did you have leftover goose meat, and if so, what did you do with it? I have to decide fast, as time is wasting. Thinking of rillettes or maybe try that gumbo mentioned here.

          I made a pate with the liver, cognac, shallots, etc., based on a Jacques Pepin recipe, but the meat didn't seem to fit.



        2. A roasted garlic soup is improved ten times over with goose stock instead of chicken stock.


          1. I made an excellent winter minestrone using goose stock, hard squash (kabota), white beans, carrot, celery, onion, leek, etc. It came out great. I thought the goose stock added great body and richness.

            With the leftover soup, I made fried ribollita - add chunks of stale bread to the soup until it is a mush, with an egg to bind it. Fry the mixture in olive oil till dark brown and crispy. Yum.