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Dec 23, 2002 10:17 PM

Prosciutto di Parma How long wiil it last?

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My husband just scored a whole boneless Prosciutto di Parma that had been stored for about four months in a refrigerator. He has trimmed the outside by 1\4 inch or so. It has as a distinct aroma and a soft chewy slightly salt\sweet taste.
My question, how long can you store it and still be good or will we be dead in the morning?

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  1. What the hell will you do with all that prosciutto? (besides give some to me). Don't they hang those things for ages and ages?

    If you need a recipe, besides the usual suspects, I was taught to make a dense meat ragu with ground prosciutto instead of ground veal/pork. It grinds surprisingly easily, and the sauce isn't at all salty. Yum.

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      Unless you can disguise youself as my sister she'll be getting a large hunk of it. The ragu recipe sounds yummy.

    2. I don't think it will ever spoil, but it will lose moisture and become more salty as it ages. But why did you trim it? The outer layer is a protective barrier. It prevents too much moisture loss, and any mold that forms can be gently wiped or scrubbed off. I am not sure what will happen with it having been cut off, but I don't think it will enhance the aging potential.

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        Thanks so much for the response.
        My husband said it was a little to sticky and we wanted to vac-pack it to keep the air out. We didn't know about washing the rind. There is still a thick layer of fat an we had to cut it up in manageable pieces. It's still very moist and not very salty. I think it has aged nicely.