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Dec 22, 2002 05:55 PM

What kinds of cheese are good for breakfast?

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What are good breakfast cheeses? I'm looking for cheeses that would complement dried fruits and nuts in the morning. Kind of european style, I guess ...

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  1. In a word, any of the cheeses that we call "Swiss." They are good to eat with pastries, etc. I have a little blood sugar problem, and in Europe they filled the protein requirement that the lack of bacon, ham, etc. left.

    1. I like cheddars with fruit. Try Montgomery, Keenes or Grafton from Vermont.

      1. Melted brie on a sliced baguette...mmm mmm good!

        1. Feta! I have it alone with bread or with eggs. Mostly just a good Greek breakfast...Feta, Olives, bread and coffee!

          1. Let's face it, just short of a REALLY strong, stinky blue cheese that will be difficult to mask for the rest of the day, all cheeses lend themselves well for a variety of breakfasts. Heck, the Marin French Cheese company even makes a Breakfast Cheese that comes in a variety of flavors!