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What kinds of cheese are good for breakfast?

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What are good breakfast cheeses? I'm looking for cheeses that would complement dried fruits and nuts in the morning. Kind of european style, I guess ...

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  1. In a word, any of the cheeses that we call "Swiss." They are good to eat with pastries, etc. I have a little blood sugar problem, and in Europe they filled the protein requirement that the lack of bacon, ham, etc. left.

    1. I like cheddars with fruit. Try Montgomery, Keenes or Grafton from Vermont.

      1. Melted brie on a sliced baguette...mmm mmm good!

        1. Feta! I have it alone with bread or with eggs. Mostly just a good Greek breakfast...Feta, Olives, bread and coffee!

          1. Let's face it, just short of a REALLY strong, stinky blue cheese that will be difficult to mask for the rest of the day, all cheeses lend themselves well for a variety of breakfasts. Heck, the Marin French Cheese company even makes a Breakfast Cheese that comes in a variety of flavors!

            1. I have a weakness for Norwegian Gjetost melted on top of whole wheat toast. Yummy caramel taste.

              1. If they have teleme in your part of the cheese world, try that. It's yummy, soft, goes with anything, and won't give you any early morning challenges.