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Dec 13, 2002 01:11 PM

ceramic bakeware--cracking!

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This is the second time this has happened: I was roasting a chicken on a rack in a ceramic baking dish, and at cleaning time I discovered it had cracked! The last time it happened I had been roasting fish. Both times the highest the oven had been was 425...too hot? I've roasted veggies in these dishes at even higher temps with no problem. What did I do wrong? And, am I right to assume that once it's cracked it's good for the garbage? I'm very frustrated as I loved both these dishes, but perhaps they should be used only for lasagne and vegetables? Please help before I ruin any more cookware!


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  1. Out of curiousity, what was the brand of these ceramic dishes. This shouldn't be happening. I'd call the company.

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    1. re: Mrs. Smith

      One was Emile Henry, the other was a less expensive brand I can't recall the name of...made in Portugal is all I can remember. I'm hesitant to call Emile Henry until I'm sure I didn't do something I shouldn't have...

    2. Did you set the dishes on a cool surface when they were hot out of the oven? A tile or marble or wet counter? This is an easy way to do it. I hate hearing the dreaded 'ping'......... doh!

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      1. re: Jackie Avery

        I didn't set it on anything, but in both instances I put something room temperature into the already hot dish...I was wondering if this might be the problem. I "preheated" the dish in the fish/vegetable instance, and with the chicken I added some veggies/potatoes to the pan 15 minutes after I had started baking the chicken. Would this have done it?

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          Don't preheat the dish. Sudden cooling caused by moisture landing on a sizzling hot dish will crack it.

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            An empty dish with no food insulation might be prone to cracking, but that's not what you did. Hmm..... They shouldn't have cracked.

            Well, if it's any comfort, I keep using my crazed dishes until they crack all the way through. Which they usually don't . I kind of try to bend them, and if they don't snap, I figure they're good for one more round!