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Dec 3, 2002 12:53 PM

where to buy bottarga?

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any good sources for buying bottarga online or in person in New York City?

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  1. In NYC you can get them at the Italian store in Chelsea Market on 9th ave at 15th (or 16th street?)

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    1. re: HLing

      and though i hate to shop there.....dean and deluca.

    2. shipped rapidly and no problems.

      1. Unforunately, according to a disclaimer on

        "From December 2003 on, because of new FDA rules, it is impossible for us to ship to United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America."

        Dang FDA...

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        1. re: lainamalone

          Actually, it is sold currently in various NYC markets, including Dean & Deluca (overpriced) and DiPalo's.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I've seen in it in Whole Foods in Baltimore. I'm sure it would be in NYC.

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            1. re: RUNNERFEMME

              Interesting - I've never seen it at Whole Foods in NYC, but I also don't think that I've looked for it there. Do you remember the pricing? And whether it was tuna or gray mullet?