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May 2, 2004 01:52 AM

Bravo Fono at Stanford Shopping Center?

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There've been some recent mentions of Bravo Fono but few details. I remember the same owners' Paprikas Fono in San Francisco from ages ago which offered Hungarian specialties. Any more specifics, 'hounds?


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  1. I've been going to Bravo Fono since they opened about 20 years ago, and enjoying it. The place needs a face-lift, but the food has been consistently good. I'd rather eat there than anywhere else in Stanford mall. (Except when I want a burger and shake--that's Peninsula Creamery time.) I much prefer Bravo Fono to Babbo's, though the two are related.

    The langos (fried bread served with a clove of garlic to rub on it) has been a family favorite since we first tasted it. And the crabcake is one of the best versions on the Peninsula (but have the sauce on the side). The gulyas (beef soup with paprika) is very tasty, and the seafood pasta is delicious. The desserts, old standbys like tiramisu and pear frangipane tart, are also very good.

    Unless things have changed since my last visit a few months ago, I really don't think you will regret checking it out.

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      Melanie Wong

      Thanks, glad to know that BF has some Hungarian dishes too, as it's billed as "Mediterranean". I need to try the langos.


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        I have also been an enthusiastic regular here. Good light mediterranian style food. Pastas are always great. Flavors always good and there is a nice mixture. Pretty outdoor garden across the way if it's warm.

      2. Heck, I remember their Magic Pan! Wonder if they serve Hungarian crepes at their current place.

        1. I just went there for lunch last weekend and I must say I was not impressed, Maybe they do better at dinner or maybe we orderd the wrong things, but overall it was just ok.

          My mother and I started out by sharing a salad, I don't remember the name but it was more like an antipasta platter of marinated vegetables over a few slices of butter lettuce. This was great. every veggie had its own distinct flavor and maintained a slight crispness. We devoured the whole plate and only wish they had given us some bread (breadsticks only) to soak up the remaining marinade. I would definatley order this again.

          The appitizer was so good I had high expectations for our pastas I had the lamb ragout over parpadelle (sp?!)
          and my mother had the fruitti de mari with angel hair.
          My lamb was tough and dry (had that sawdust texture once you started to chew) the "ragout" watery and the pasta was thick and awkward to eat without a heavier sauce to balance it. My mother's dish was better, plenty of seafood cooked just right, but again the sauce was a little diluted and lacking of flavor.

          We decided to be "good" and not have desert so I can't comment on those, Overall it wasn't a bad expierience, Just one not worth mentioning.