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Nov 29, 2002 02:28 PM

Recipes for left-over Brie?

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So I have almost a whole wheel of brie left over from a shower I hosted...any recipe ideas? I've already had 2 baguette sandwiches? Any pasta ideas?

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  1. Cut it into pieces, and roll it up in buttered filo dough, with some seasoned sautéed mushrooms. Bake until golden.

    1. Here's a link to my description of some wacky cheese-themed foods at a potluck dinner I attended. Two of the entries were brie soups and they were both quite good.


      1. My favorite appetizer is baked brie;
        Top a wedge of brie w ample amts of brown sugar and toasted slivered almonds. Bake in oven 'til brie softens and begins to bubble, Serve w water crackers, Everyone clammers for it!

        1. There is a delicious recipe from Bon Appetit that is available on the Epicurious site for Brie and Wild Mushroom Fondue (link below).

          Use your brie in a quiche (maybe with spinach) or an omelet. Stuff chicken breasts with it (maybe with sundried tomatoes and basil). And you can certainly use it with pasta and whatever you have on hand (halved cherry tomatoes and basil, asparagus, ham or bacon, mushrooms, etc.) - since it melts so quickly, you don't need to make a sauce from it - just dice and toss with the hot pasta.


          1. I'm not sure how long Brie lasts but if you start to entertain for Christmas here is a great and festive appetizer.

            Cranberry Glazed Brie

            3c. cranberries
            3/4c. firmly packed golden brown sugar
            1/3c. dried currants
            1/3c. water
            1/8tsp. dry mustard
            1/8tsp.ground allspice
            1/8tsp ground cardamom
            1/8tsp.ground clove
            1/8tsp.ground ginger

            1 2.2 lb. 8" wheel of Brie
            apple or pear slices

            Combine all ingredients in heavy nonaluminum saucepan
            Cook over medium-high heat until most of the berries pop stirring, about 5 min. Cool

            Cut a circle in the top rind of the cheese leaving a 1/2 inch border and cut off just the top. Fill the center with the cranberries. Bake @ 350 until soft, about 12 min.

            In your case with the brie already cut you could probably heat the brie and cranberries separately and spoon the marmalade over the cheese. Maybe using a bowl shape so the Brie doesn't run to far.