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Out of the ordinary cheeses

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What are your favorite cheeses that are not the usual fare, but also, not impossible to find?

Some of my favorites are:

1. any ripened (brie-type) cheese made with goat's milk. Goat's milk has a nice "tang" that makes it a nice change from cow's milk brie.

2. "dolce" gorgonzola. This is gorgonzola that has a creamier, more plastic texture than regular gorgonzola, and a much sweeter taste.

3. gourmandise--kirsch-flavored I haven't seen this cheese for a while. It's a spreadable kind of cheese that comes in a wheel; very tasty and addictive.

4. morbier - a french cheese that has the color, general look, and texture of a swiss-type cheese, but without the holes

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  1. St. Andrew - a triple creme "brie"

    Cabrales - Spanish Blue Cheese

    Stilton - English Blue

    1. Manchego -- Spanish sheep's milk cheese that vastly improves with age. A favorite dessert of mine and my family is manchego with membrillos, a quince paste, and good french bread.

      Aged Gouda -- Aging transforms this cheese, making it taste like a rich(er) parmiganno reggiano. Incredible with a glass of red dessert wine.

      "Roaring 40s" -- An Australian cheese that is a little like a St. Andre (i.e., triple cream, brie-like), but with veins of blue running through it. A great blend of sweet/sour/salty to finish off a great meal.

      Gotta go take my cholesterol meds now... : D

      1. 1. 5 Counties; layered English cheeses (Red Leicester, Gloucester, Cheshire, Lancashire etc.)

        2. Red Leicester by itself is an excellent substitute for waxy store cheddar

        3. German butter cheese.

        4. Smoked applewood cheddar

        1. Gjetost. It's a Scandinavian cheese -- Swedish, I think -- made from goat's milk. Smooth and sweet and melt-in-your-mouth. The flavor is a little like peanut butter, only really good peanut butter that's been aged. The whole experience is like eating candy.

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            I haven't heard of Gjetost since I was a child.

            My Dad used to buy it.

            I think of it more as a sort of wierd caramely test.

            Do they still make it?

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              If they didn't, Norwegians would be jumping into the sea after their lemmings! Gjetost and Knakbrod (flat rye bread) are almost a religion in Norway.

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                i like the cheese that comes with crackers and the red plastic stick.

              2. re: StriperGuy

                I find it here in the US under the Ski Queen Brand. It's a small square block in a red wrapper. Yum!

              3. re: GG Mora

                Man, gjetost is the strangest cheese I've ever tasted! Once was quite enough! ("Once is a scientist, twice is a pervert": Voltaire.)

              4. Limburger. Good ole Badger full-strength limberger. With some heavy black bread to go with it, and a jar of dill pickles. Haven't seen any in a long time. Haven't even seen the tame spready kind that came in little jars.

                1. Telagio (sp?) is the best! - Italian, ripening cow's milk. Seems to very alot from batch to batch.

                  D' Afinois - French, very soft, ripening cow's milk.

                  Redwood Hills Farm Goat's Milk White Cheddar.

                  Sooooo many good cheeses out there.......
                  hopefully you have a good cheese shop around with knowledgable staff and that will let you taste.

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                    Second the d'affinois - like butter
                    Pierre Robert

                    All double/triple creme and worth every fat gram

                  2. Cabrales -- probably my favorite blue.

                    Idiazabal -- a fudgy-textured, somewhat sharp Spanish sheep's milk cheese.

                    Ossau-Iraty-Brebis Pyrenees -- also fudgy-textured, earthy, tangy, rich-flavored French sheep's milk cheese. Really good with a medium Tanqueray 10 martini and baguette.

                    Vacherin Mont d'Or -- I've seen this more recently in cheese shops, including the DC Dean & Deluca. It's a French cow's milk cheese, runny with an earthy, farmyard-y yet buttery flavor.


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                      I'm a fan of Vacherin Mont d'Or too. When it's not in season, I turn to Epoisses (runny, soft, with a mild pungence).

                      Also love a good St Nectaire. Wonderful woodsy, almost nutty flavors.

                    2. What is so special about Purple Haze goat cheese, besides being organic. Discs smaller than hockey pucks sell for $17.99!

                      Which cheeses have a strip of resinous bark wrapped around the rim of the rind?