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May 1, 2004 03:41 PM

Taqueria in Redwood City

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I'm now working in Menlo Park so I'm looking for suggestions.

I did a search (oy, the search engine ain't the greatest, but that's old news...) Came up with the pollo al carbon next to the Michoacan Produce Market and Taco El Grullo. There's also Taco Grullense(sp?) across the street from Costco. I tried La Azteca which is kitty-corner to Harry's Hofbrau. Have eaten the al pastor, chipotle steak and carne asada. I thought the first two were merely OK, but I loved the carne asada. Nice smoky, charred texture on the outside, and juicy and tender on the inside.

Anywhere else? For that matter, what suggestions for Menlo Park (any cuisine)? I know there's Su Hong for Chinese, Trader Joe's for inexpensive, and Draeger's for sandwiches.

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    RWCFoodie (Karen)

    Not exactly what you asked for, but here's a link re Gombei, etc.


    1. Gonzalez Taqueria on Middlefield and Fifth - not to be missed. Fresh tortillas and goat stew every day. Also Chavez Meat Market 2 locations - one near Gonzalez and another by Brewster and Arguello in RWC.
      Forget Mexican in Menlo Park - too upscale Try Naomi sushi on El Camino, Silan and Left Bank on Santa Cruz.

      1. My favorite Mexican burrito place was Chayito's on laurel street in san Carlos. They marinated the steak and served with pico de gallo on a thin steamed fresh tortilla. MMMMMMMMMMM!!! They had 2 other locations, San Mateo on 2nd and B Street and up by CSM. I wish I knew where they went. 8.(

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          Chayito's was my favorite burrito place ever. I went back there in the late 90s and the place was still there, but it wasn't as good. Now, I don't think it's there at all. :-(

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            I get the craving for a Howard's Special or Double Beefer and Cheese from Chayito's periodically and get so bummed that they are gone. I just put in a call to San Carlos City Hall to try and contact the old business owners to see if they moved somewhere else or to get the recipes. Awaiting reply from them.
            Oh, and $1 giant beers out on the back patio watching sports on TV!!! (heavy sigh)

        2. Outstanding tortas at La Casita Chilanga.
          Excellent birria at Gonzalez.


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            Melanie Wong

            You might want to start a separate thread for Menlo Park with a relevant subject line. Su Hong in MP is Chinese-American whereas the one in Palo Alto that I like very much specializes in Shanghainese. You might want to check out the new J&J hawaiian grill that I posted about recently for a quick and cheap lunch plate.