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Nov 20, 2002 03:38 PM

nonstick pan refinishing

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Yesterday I learned about a company here in Portland that will do teflon recoating on fry pans, muffin trays, etc. (anything that's metal, I guess). This is very exciting since I have two calphalon non-stick that a roommate ruined (I'm going to try to get them replaced under warranty, but am expecting that may not work since I don't know what on earth she did to them) and various other old non-stick pans that are no longer non-stick. It costs around $10 - 15 per pan, depending on size. Has anyone ever done this? Were you happy with the results? If I end up getting some stuff recoated, I will definitely report back with results.


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  1. Be sure and let us know how this turns out. I, too, have some non stick Caphalon that is in bad shape. I've been thinking about just tossing those pieces and replacing with All Clad or something else. Hate to do that since they were expensive and are only about 5 or 6 years old. I have no idea why they are in such bad shape, I haven't used metal utensils but I have used the skillets at very high temps. I'm about ready to just give up on non stick and go with my cast iron for everything.....