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Nov 20, 2002 03:22 PM

NYU Food Studies program

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I'd be interested to hear what anyone out there thinks of this program, the first of its kind in a field that's gaining currency. Also, comments on any other similar programs around the country would be appreciated.


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  1. "the girl who ate everything" is in that program... google it

    i have another friend thats in the program as well...

    1. i was among the first students in the food studies program and to a degree, i suppose, i was a "guinea pig." i enjoyed many of the courses a great deal and met some wonderful people, but cannot say i would do it over again if i had the chance, given the financial burden. i have found the post-graduation/alumni support to be sadly lacking--as far as assistance in the job market.

      i think it also really depends on why you are interested in taking classes. yes, you could probably make some good contacts in the industry via an internship, and the various instructors that teach the courses, but there are in my mind, if you're properly motivated, other ways to do that for a lot less money.

      1. There's a slow food university in Europe, IIRC.