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Nov 19, 2002 05:15 PM

Rice Oil??

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At the Chef's forum ( time ago, they mentioned the qualities of rice oil for cooking and salads. I did a Google search on the stuff, and found a number of references including the California Rice Company. I now know a little about the stuff , but not a lot about peoples' experience with it it (The Chef's Forum is nowhere as busy as this site). The one or two posters there were singing its praises. Has anyone here used the stuff, or have anything to offer about its qualities? Cheers.


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  1. Yes, I have used rice oil, actually rice bran oil. I was given a liter bottle of the stuff at a food conference last Spring. I did cook with it and did not care for it at all. I felt that a lot of the food, especially fish, came out with an "off" flavor to it. I ended up throwing about half the bottle away. I, personally, would not purchase this product. I prefer the flavor and cooking properties of olive oil and canola oil to rice oil.

    1. One of the restuarants I worked at used this for all of our frying. It has no real flavor, and performs great for deep frying.

      1. I was surprised by the very high smoke point... 490 degrees. I have yet to see it in the supermarket, but then I haven't been looking either. Some articles say that it MAY help in reducing colesterol.

        1. I bought some rice bran oil a while back at Trader Joe's. It's a very neutral-tasting oil. I'm surprised anyone thinks it tastes "off," especially compared to Canola oil (which always tastes rancid and slightly fishy to me).