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Nov 15, 2002 10:01 PM

What Hemingway was talking about...

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2 oz Rum (I used Bacardi 8 year)
1 oz lime juice (fresh squeezed for crying out loud)
1 tsp sugar (use extra fine)

Shaken not stirred. Serve up.

Mmmmm. Now I know what Hemingway was talking about.

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  1. i'm pretty sure that's a mojito. when you put it in a blender it becomes a daiquiri.

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    1. re: renee

      The original daquiri is not like the ones that come out of the soft serve machines you see at TGIF. It originated in Havana at La Floridita and I don't believe it was made with a blender originally.

      1. re: SLAP

        Aren't there two kinds of dacquiris? Frozen and not?

        1. re: Gideon

          a daiquiri is a daiquiri. (the real, purist, original drink)
          a frozen daiquiri is a frozen daiquiri.
          a strawberry frozen daiquiri is a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

      2. re: renee

        Similar, but the mojito has really mooshed limes and mooshed mint with a splash of seltzer. I do believe The Bearded One was fond of both, but when I was in Cuba last year it took a certain amount of charm to get one (with the eye-roll). And you will still get a chorus of Guantanamera.

        1. re: renee

          My friend Victor, who spent 4 years in Castro's prison
          system, says a Daquiri is made as follows:

          2 oz. Light Rum
          1 oz. Limon (lime juice)
          1 oz. Guarapo (cane juice)

          A mojito is:

          2 oz. Dark Rum
          1 oz. Limon
          Tall Glass of Ice
          1 oz. Guarapo or Honey
          Soda Water
          A Few Crushed Mint Leaves

          Everything is in caps because it's important.

          1. re: renee

            Similar but the mojito has muddled mint and soda and is served on the rocks. I like to make them with bacardi limon (it's cheap and already pretty sweet so you need less sugar). Muddle the mint enough to release the oil but not enough to get stuck in your straw. If you don't have a muddler use the back end of a wooden spoon.

            The modern daiquiri is an abomination. cool aid and rum (frozen or not). yeach.

            It's all about fresh fruit. Just say no to sour mix!

            1. re: renee

              No, no no! Daiquiris have been horribly bastardized by the cheap-Mexican-restaurant crowd. A real daiquiri is just that--rum, a little lime, and a bit of sugar. The whole frozen-peach-strawberry-banana slushie thing is not what it was originally. And the key ingredient in a mojito is fresh mint, muddled with rum, lime and sugar, and topped up with club soda--it's a tall drink.

              1. re: renee

                Renee, sorry! This is an original daiquiri recipe. Mojitos, as a rule, include mint and are topped with soda.

                I generally use simple syrup when making these kinds of drinks, as it dissolves much easier than sugar, works better in Sazeracs and Old Fashioneds as well. We make a big batch every few months store it in the fridge in bottles, keeps just fine.

                1. Hemingway started off his writing day, early, in the morning, with a six pack of cheap beer. After that it was all about "what hemingway was talking about".

                  1. Its good to be in the company of those who know what a real daiquiri is. I prefer it the simpler the better, with good rum. You can't go wrong with Cruzan Single Barrel, Mount Gay Extra Old, or Havana Club, if you can get your hands on it. I also like what I refer to as "Hemingway Daquiri's" with the addition of white grapefruit juice, maraschino liquor, and twice the rum.

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                    1. I thought a true daiquiri contained maraschino liqueur. Not that I like maraschino liqueur or anything.

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                      1. re: typetive

                        A daiquiri is 2 oz rum, 3/4 oz lime, 3/4 oz simple syrup
                        A hemmingway daiquiri is 2 oz rum, 3/4 oz lime, 1/2 oz grapefruit juice and 1/4 oz Maraschino (Luxardo or Maraska)
                        A papa doble is 4 oz rum and 1 oz lime. (no sugar)

                      2. The original daiquiri was conceived at the mahogany bar of the Floridita, as SLAP states. Rum, lime juice, cane sweetener, ice. LONG before blenders existed. The old bar at the Floridita is resplendent to this day, but the food is disappointing, as is cuban food in general. (sorry)
                        The home of the mojito is La Bogedita, the haunt for the drunken literati in EH's era. Old photos and messages with autographs cover every wall surface, into the kitchen. Mojitos there today include Havana Club blanco, mint, lime, crushed ice, sugar cane syrup, and a splash of club soda. The mint is said to be a type unique to Cuba, and distinguishes their mojito from all others. Both places reek of nostalgia, especially La Bogedita because it is 2 blocks off the square and is always busy, and is more of a shot-and-a-beer joint than a restaurant.