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Nov 14, 2002 05:05 PM

Apples For Pie

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What are people's favorite apples for making apple pie?

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  1. I like a mix.

    For later season/longer keeping apples:

    Northern Spy ("Spies for pies!")
    Winesap or Baldwin
    Macoun ("mack-OW-en")
    Russet/Pippin-types or Crispin/Mustu

    1. Granny Smith is the only thing my son the pie eater will let me use - works every time!

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      1. re: Barbara

        I tried Granny Smiths in my last pie...and it was dry, dry, dry! I had to make a sauce by simmering apple juice, sugar, cinnamon, flour, and a little lemon juice and INJECT it into the finished pie via a squeeze bottle!
        Never again.

      2. Pippins are the best for pies and apple crisp, in my opinion. A distant second best are Granny Smiths. I live in California. I don't think Pippins are available all over the country.

        1. My grandmother, a farmer's wife, swore by russets for pies. Maybe for the firmness and tartness, maybe because they were too ugly to serve for eating from hand.

          1. Golden delicious. I would not eat them regularly but in apple pie they are AWESOME. I still use them after watching David Rosengarten from TASTE back in the 6th grade...

            Cheddar - Cheese apple pie. You put it in the crust and it makes it flaky and oooo sooo delicious. Probably the best recipe I've ever had for apple pie...