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Nov 14, 2002 12:05 PM

What are you favorite not so crazy expensive box of chocolates?

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I like to have a box of chocolates when I entertain friends and am always looking to try different brands from around the country. This time around I am considering Sees Candies. What are your favorites and have you ever tried Sees? I'm a confessed chocoholic.

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  1. I am a chocoholic too! :-) And above all Sees is my favorite.

    My faves are:
    Dark Chocolate Bordeaux
    Molasses Chips
    Milk chocolate buttercream
    Butterscotch square (my very favorite)
    And while not chocolate I love the carmel/marshmallow confection.

    Sees is something I grew up with, so lots of sentimentality is attached.

    As has been stated here many times, Trader Joes price on Valrhona is great.


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    1. re: David

      How could you forget California Brittle?

    2. Even today, they come up with new varieties at Sees. My favorite are some of the oldies:
      chocolate covered almonds
      Toffeette (like almond roca)
      coconut special (chocolate covered coconut)
      California brittle
      dark chocolate (except they don't have the bars anymore without almonds)

      1. Ah, yesss! Sees has been the traditional California candy purveyer for over half a century. It is reasonably priced, but nobody, no matter how well-heeled, turns up her nose at it. When I was in school, it was a big day when your dorm mate was given a box of Sees.

        My favorites are the truffles, and they come in several flavors.


        1. See's is absolutely the best. Not fancy, just plain good. My sister in San Fran sends me a box every year at Christmas. The Nuts 'n Chews assortment is the fave at my house. Pretty soon, it'll be time to start watching the mail. Here in West Palm Beach, Hoffman's is a fine local chocolatier. I especially like their champagne and Gran Marnier truffles. Not quite on the level w/See's, though.

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          1. re: flavrmeistr

            Yup. See's Nuts 'n Chews, baby. Nothing finer.

          2. Yes, Sees. I like them better than Godiva, to tell the truth. I especially love the Bordeaux truffles. Yum.

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            1. re: Seattle Rose

              If you love the Bordeaux, try the Bordeaux ice cream sauce the sell by the jar. Those are my sister's favorites, too, and having that flavor over ice cream..... well, does it get any better than that for a chocoholic??