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Nov 13, 2002 02:07 PM

What dishes are improved by truffle oil?

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I bought a bottle of white truffle oil at Trader Joe's but I don't know what to use it on. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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  1. Pour it on pasta right before serving.

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    1. re: sully

      Had a terrific primo at a restaurant in Bevagna last month. Scrambled eggs with a few drops of truffle oil just before serving. Have tried it at home with similar results. Keep the eggs on the loose order.

      1. re: Dale

        I've had truffle oil in restaurants with bits of black truffle the size of cracked pepper and it has been fantastic. Last weekend I bought a dreadful tiny bottle of porcini/truffle sauce with less flavor than I'd expect to extract by reducing button mushrooms. I put half in my mashed celery root and ate the rest with my finger and still could detect no truffle. Night before I'd ordered a $20 white truffle supplement on a scallop and chanterelle salad at a restaurant I respect-- and usually like-- a lot(ok it was Joe's, and he wasn't in the kitchen) and was disappointed that it was served pre-shaved, with little aroma. I guess you get what you pay for.

        My questions: are truffles and truffle oil, like wine and caviar, just too volitile to support universal recommendations? Which is to say, does one have to put in the time and money to become an expert to be assured of the transcendent experience, or is it possible to attain it while yet retaining the main portion of one's (I speak parochially here)income? Is there anything to be said for buying whole truffles and making the oil? how would one judge the quality and compatibility of the oil and the truffle for such treatment?

    2. Try thin slices of fennel topped with oil and a squeeze of lemon juice, alternating with a layer of slices of parmesan. Make a few layers and add good salt and fresh pepper.

      You can do the same with fresh mushrooms (if you eat such things), or celery root. Radishes are good, too, esp. if they're on the mellower side.

      I mix the truffle oil with straight EV Olive Oil as I don't want the truffle taste to overwhelm.

      1. I like it on wild mushroom risotto, drizzled over just before serving.

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          I recently had a great mushroom soup at Obar in Weho, it was drizzled with truffle oil. The oil really added a great dimension bringing out the mushrooms earthy flavor also.

        2. Is it the oil in the tall, thin, black bottle? If so (and you've never had truffle oil before), do yourself a favor and seek out a different brand. I recommend Gocce di Tartufo Bianco from Urbani. The TJ's brand is quite sub-standard and rather inferior. There is so little truffle essence in it that the amount of oil one has to use is absurd. I was so excited when I saw they were carrying both black and white truffle oil that I bought both ~ and threw them both away almost immediately.

          Sorry -- just my humble opinion.

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          1. re: Eviter

            Thanks for the heads-up. After reading the first post I was going to stop by TJs tonight for some, but you've saved me a trip. Thanks.

            1. re: Eviter
              Caitlin Wheeler

              Really? I have the black truffle oil, and I think it's pretty pungent, and well-priced.

              1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

                Me too Caitlin. Although I've yet to see the white in my TJ's, I will still try it when I find it.

                1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

                  I surmised that I got an old bottle because it also had the quality of being slightly rank (as opposed to pungent) but dismissed the idea of age as they had just been introduced to the store shelves. This was almost two years ago so perhaps the quality has improved since then.

                  Besides Urbani, a company I greatly admire is Delizia. Their black truffle oil is better than Urbani's white...

              2. Mashed Potatoes!!! Or mashed celery root, parsnip, or more than one in combination....

                I actually love it poured over cooked (I use frozen) green peas as well.

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                1. re: dude

                  Second that motion. Made a parsnip/celery root soup last night using a chicken stock base. Finished the bowls w/ some heavy cream and truffle oil.

                  1. re: dude

                    I made some pureed cauliflower drizzled with white truffle oil the other night. Yum.