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Nov 9, 2002 02:30 PM

Balboa Sandwich

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Soes anyone know what a Balboa Sandwich is and how it is made? A Google search came back with something that sounds suspiciously like a French Dip Sandwich.

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  1. Balboa ---> Rocky Balboa ---> Philadelphia ---> Cheese Steak, LOL

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    1. re: Gary Soup

      >> Is that a word?

      I've never seen it, but the odds are good. It is a perfectly lawful English construction, supported by many, many analogous words. Generosity is only the first that comes to mind.

      I would omit the 'u'.

      1. re: Gary Soup
        Morris Malken

        Thanks for responding to my question, which was: Exactly what is a Balboa Sandwich? Your response seems to imply that it is nothing more than another name for a Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich. Is that right?

      2. I used to go to a restaurant in Larchmont, N.Y. that made a delicious Balboa sandwich. French bread, buttered and garlicked, rare roast beef and melted swiss. yumm.

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        1. re: Pete Genzer

          Where did the balboa get its name the explorer or rocky

          1. re: Vince

            ~~~ Allow me to set the record straight ~~~

            I invented this one in '78 and as it's ingredients were almost the
            same as a 'Philly Cheese Steak' sandwich I named it after Rocky.
            I called it the Balboa & two of my favorite bars put it on the board,
            it caught on from there & soon 10-12 bar/restaurants/delis in
            Westchester County NY were selling it under the very same name.......

            I had to laugh when ordering one up in a strange pub when I'd lay
            claim to having designed/named the sandwich and I was invariably
            told that the owner or head cook was the originator of it. Yeah right!

            OK, all bragging aside now here it is, the original Balboa:

            One 6" wedge or hoagie type
            roll prepared as garlic bread
            6-8oz cold rare roast beef sliced thin
            2 thick slices swiss cheese
            Sauteed yellow onion, as much/little as you like
            Pan fried thick sliced bacon, as much/little as you like

            Stack cold beef on bottom of roll, place cheese on top of beef & put under melter until swiss is glossy/not runny, place bacon on the cheese and lastly onions on top of bacon. Placing the ingredients in this order assures that this slightly oversized sandwich holds together best whilst being gripped & bit.

            The difference between this & a Philly cheese steak is that a philly has no garlic bread and has all of its ingredients very hot & wet/juicy including runny cheese (usually cheeze whiz! no lie!), has green peppers & of course has no bacon.

            I started my cooking career in the early 70s & am now fortunate enough to be opening my first restaurant this year.

        2. butter/garlic toasted wedge bread (sub), after toasting put roast beef and swiss and place under the broiler to melt. It can be served with or without horseradish sauce. YUMMY!!!!!

          1. The One and Only Balboa………is a Housemade Roast Beef on Toasted Garlic Bread with Swiss cheese with mayonnaise. I first had it at the Larchmont Tavern in Westchester, NY. It's server on a hot bread roll an is only 10 bucks. Delicious.

            1. Hot roast beef with swiss cheese on garlic bread.