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Lanzes candies

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Does anyone remember a candy or confection called Lanzes. (I think that's how it's spelled.) It was a rice crispy sort of thing with a slight butterscotch flavor and cashews inside. They also made a chocolate version, though I don't remember liking it too much. My brothers and I still dream about Lanzes and I would do anything to know if they are still available somewhere or if anyone has a recipe for a reproduction. We used to get them in the Chicago area at Marshall Fields. They came in a gold box with two layers separated with wax paper. Please, oh please, somebody has to know about these!

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  1. Sorry, no clue. You got me curious, though, so I did a Web search, and came up with nada. You must be recalling the name wrong.

    Marshall Field's line of candies are called Frangos. Does that ring a bell?

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      Something else occurred to me: Marshall Field's is now owned by Target, but maybe you can contact an old-timer at one of the Chicago stores, and they'll know what you're referring to....

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        MARSHALL FIELDS IS OWNED BY TARGET????????? What's the world coming to!

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        Frangoes are their chocolates - most notably the mint flavored ones. Lanzes, or Lanzis, were not an in store brand but something they sold in their gourmet section.

      3. I believe the company was Lanzi's and it seems that they went out of business. I've never seen this candy, but from your description I think that I might have found a recipe for it on the web. Here's the link:

        Link: http://christmas.allrecipes.com/az/Ch...

        1. Oh my !!!
          I've been dreaming about finding these candies again. I remeber them as Lanzi's Crunch. My mother had to ration the box....they were THAT good!!!
          I would love ANY info on them also!!!

          1. i went to an old shop called 'nuts to you' in the l.a. area to check if they still sold these. sadly they do not. i was told that lanzi was the name of the creator. he sold the company and i guess the recipe to two brothers which ran it into the ground. they then sold it to another company and had problems with the machines used to make the candy so they just stored everything and forgot about it.

            i'm not sure if the recipe is lost or not so...

            1. It was called Lanzi's Cashew Nut Crunch. It came in original and chocolate flavors. As a young boy growing up in the Chicago suburbs each and every holiday season my family and I could not wait to see these little tastes of heaven at our local Marshall Field's retailer. My aunt actually knew the owner of the company in Chicago and on a few occasions at Christmas time we had the opportunity to actually be let loose in the manufacturing plant/candy store to see and sample the miles and miles of rows of this amazing treat. I would give anything for the original recipe.

              1. I have also been looking for Lanzi's candy. My search led me to this site. I remember getting it Marshall Fields in Old Orchard. It seems like it is just a memory now. They were really tasty. Nothing like it.

                1. I believe it was Lanzi's Cashew Crunch. It was like rice krispie treats using a smooth chocolate-like substance as the glue that held it all together instead of sticky melted marshmallow , & , of course, with chopped cashews added in. You will probably learn all you want to know about this candy if you just ask any old lady, say over 100 years old, about it before the secret dies with them. I'm over 50, & I remember my Great Aunt would buy cases of the stuff to distribute among the women in the ladies organization called the order of the Eastern Star.

                  1. I definitely remember these candies -- I still dream about them, they were that good! I've tried numerous times to re-create the recipe, but no luck. I wish I could find the original recipe. I used to work at Marshall Fields, and yes, we sold these every Christmas in caseloads. They were definitely addictive. I heard the original owner (Elmo Lanzi) passed away, but that his company was sold to a man who closed the business, but I read somewhere that he may still live in Elmhurst (?) Hard to believe you can still dream about a candy you ate 25 years ago!

                    1. Found a great page on Flickr that has tons of pictures of the original Lanzi's candy, boxes, etc. for all you other Lanzi's candy lovers out there. Enjoy as much as I did!

                      1. I've been sad about the disappearance of Lanzi's for years and have been looking online periodically, for a while. Just saw this and I had to correct people. I don't believe they were sold at Marshall Field's at all. The ony time we were able to get them was at Wieboldt's. It was a special treat, everytime we went to Wiebolt's. I've talked to my mother about this and they only carried them at Wieboldt's. Though, I wonder if when Wieboldt's closed, it there was a short period when Marshall Field's sold them. Can anyone take a stab at the recipe??? They should start making them again! (I also miss Brach's coffee candy.)

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                          Omg! We totally got these at marshal fields at woodfield mall! Ahhh! They were the best, we still talk about them and long to taste them again! Bring them back! Somewhere there has to be a recipe!

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                            These were definitely sold at Marshall Fields, because I worked for Fields for 5 years during college (summers and at Christmastime). They sold them every year I was working there (late 70's early 80's). We used to buy armloads of them. There are definitely the best candy I've ever eaten. Like everyone else here, I still dream about them too!

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                              Last week one of my kids picked up a box of rice krispy trats. I told them it was pure crap. I tried it and it brought back memories when I was a certified Lanzi crack adict.

                              While attending Nassau Community College one of the business clubs ran a small candy operation. It was a rolling old fashioned cart that held about 40 or so candies. We sold it loose and by the pound. College kids had no money so we always sold small amounts. As a poor college kid the benifit was free candy.

                              I was in charge of it so I did the purchasing. One day the salesman from our wholesaler comes in and wants me to try a new product that they started to carry. He gave me a taste and I knew we were going to do great.

                              I made the sign CASHEW RICE CRUNCH. Well it sat. Nobody brought it. I am sitting with 20 pounds and am in trouble. I came up with an idea... give away a small tiny sampleto everyone who made any type of candy. The stuff was very expensive even at wholesale. Needless to say I was turning eveyone onto a Cashew rice crunch addict. Nobody knew the name so I renamed it LANZI. The stuff flew out of the jar.
                              I kept reordering larger amounts every week. The salesman wanted to know what i was doing because I sold more then all of his accounts combined. He actualy came down to see what we were doing. He thought that we were reselling it. When he saw the name Lanzi he wanted to know why i did that. I told him that nobody was buying it whith the cashew rice crunch name.

                              After I graduated I never had it again. I am now craving for it. It's a shame that the went out of business.

                              If someone knows how to make it, please post it somewhere.

                          1. O-M-G!!!! Finally! Someone remembers the absolute BEST candy a mouth has ever had the pleasure of enjoying! I have searched for years to find out if this delicate treat still existed, with no luck. I knew I had the name right - Cashew Nut & Rice Crunch - but couldn't recall the maker. PLEASE, please, tell me someone will bring this candy of kings back from the past!?!?

                            1. Growing up in the Chicago area, Lanzi's was THE BEST candy around. My grandmother used to show up with a box of them on special occasions. They are like potato chips, you cannot eat just one! I have tried to reproduce the recipe and have come close. I have another few things to try. If I get it close, I will definitely post it here. I believe that the main ingredients are butterscotch, cashews, and a rice-krispy-like product, although the krispy buds were not as large as the cereal. Gosh, they were good. I have been searching for YEARS for this recipe. I don't know what it is like to be a crack-cocaine addict, but if Lanzi's candies were crack, I would be a Lanzi-crack addict! Thank you for listening to my rant!

                              1. Are there any updates on the success or failure of the effort to bring this delightful treat back to life? The movie is interesting, but fails to answer this one important question.

                                1. I heard that this company is selling a "revivial" of the old Lanzi's candy. I have not tried it myself, so cannot vouch for it, but I'm going to try it and see how it is. If it's half as good as the original it would still be incredible.

                                  1. I bought 4 boxes today!!!!!!!! I'm posting the website...
                                    http://uptownshop.com/; there's one in Elmhurst and one in Western Springs. The Western Springs shop is the cutest little shop, well worth the trip.

                                    1. I'm so glad I'm not alone in the search for Lanzis. It seems like such a silly little thing, and maybe a bit quirky, but it was part of the family. Those treats bring back such wonderful memories of being at my grandparent's house. I hope to find some and reminisce about the good 'ol days.