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Nov 6, 2002 07:45 AM

How long can you keep miso paste in the refrigerator?

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I had to buy a massive quantity of yellow miso to get the 2 Tbls I needed. It's been in the frige about a month now. Do I need to throw it out? It's so salty I wonder if it could ever go bad.


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  1. It'll keep forever. Mine is currently going on two years old. It hasn't even dried out particularly.

    1. There are families that have passed jars of miso on from generation to generation. The older, the better.

      1. what about thai fish sauce, while I'm here?

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          Lasts forever, too. I don't even bother to refrigerate it -- nor soy sauce. I think the high concentration of salt deters any bacterial attack.

        2. I concur about its staying power, however all knowledgeable informants say miso paste really should be refrigerated. Fish sauce will keep just fine in the pantry.

          1. In Japan, for thousands of years miso has been made and maintained without refrigeration other than for its container's being buried in the earth (meaning, out of the sun). It is, in a sense, a living food. When I make miso soup, miso is the last ingredient, added to a small bowl of cooled broth and then stirred into the main pot of cooked whatever after the fire is off.