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Nov 5, 2002 01:34 PM

Quinoa in rice cooker??

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Okay, so having read all the quinoa recipes, I just went and bought some.

Question: Has anyone ever cooked it in a rice maker?

My rice machine is an electric Japanese National with a keep-warm setting and no electronics. Looking at the instructions on the quinoa box I'm thinking it might work. Opinions?

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  1. So tonight, I was wondering this very same question. Looks like no one has answered it in the last 7 years, so thought I would pose the question again. Anyone know if quinoa can be cooked in a rice cooker? If so, would the proportions be the same as when making rice?

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    1. re: mountaincachers

      Yes it can. Just did it tonight. I use the same proportions as for white rice.

      1. re: mountaincachers

        Yep, you can treat it as though you were cooking rice. If you're looking for a budget amount, Costco recently started selling Bob's Red Mill Organic Quinoa.

        1. re: taiwanesesmalleats

          How does everyone rinse their quinoa ? It's so small, it would fall through the holes in any strainer. If you just rinse it in a pot, tilt the pot and try to pour the water out, the quinoa holds a lot of the dirty water in and prevents it from draining off.

          1. re: dump123456789

            I use I fine mesh sieve to wash it...still a little bit of a pain as those tiny things manage to get everywhere.
            We don't have costco here, and I refuse to shop at Walmart or Sams Club, but I will keep my eyes open for the Bob's Red Mill at my grocery store. Right now I can only get it at a specialty shop, and it's pretty expensive, which is why I didn't want to waste any experimenting with the rice cooker. Thanks for everyone's help!

            1. re: mountaincachers

              It seems like a lot of people don't have sieves which I don't understand. I have two. I rinse well and then kinda 'pop' the edge of the sieve on the edge of the pot as I'm tranferring. Every seed comes out generally.

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              i just wash it in the rice cooker bowl and our the water off. yes some water stays behind, but if you do multiple rinses it doesnt matter.

              here's a good rice cooker cookbook that has many different grains, etc:

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                I'd use a fine mesh strainer but the Bob's Red Mill I got from Costco is pre-washed.

            3. re: mountaincachers

              Qunioa in the rice cooker is the best!! so easy......what I do is....a little over 1 cup of qunioa....then 2 cups of water.......then put your rice cooker on "QUICK COOK" works perfect.....been doing it that way for ages, should take around 15 to 20 min.

            4. Yes, we made it in the rice cooker at my brother and sister-in-law's since they don't have a pressure cooker.

              1. I've always had terrible luck with quinoa -- turned out like mush -- until I tried a recipe someone suggested where you saute' the grain with onion, etc. first. Then, using the proportions 2 water to 1 quinoa, it worked fine.

                I guess I'm still in the getting-familiar stage with this grain. I do think that, with some grains, toasting or sauteing helps the grain hold together and not get too soft.

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                  I was thrilled last night when I finally tried "steaming" the quinoa after cooking/simmering in water and it produced the BEST quinoa I have ever made. The grains were completely distinct from each other and it was not mushy at all. The extra step was completely worth it.

                  Basically, after simmering the normal length of time (ie - until done), put the quinoa back into your fine mesh strainer. Add some water to the bottom of the pot, place the strainer w. quinoa on top (so it is suspended above the water), cover with a clean tea towel and pot lid, and steam the quinoa for about 10 minutes. It works wonders!

                  Also, re: quinoa being expensive. I often buy the goya brand quinoa - much less expensive than Bob's Red Mill, etc.

                2. Yes, I use the rice cooker for quinoa all the time. 1 part quinoa to 2 parts water--or even better, broth or bullion.

                  1. No rice cooker, but have recently gotten into cooking quinoa. Must be rinsed several times to remove the bitter coating (sapponin). I then toast it in a nonstick pan on medium heat for about 10 minutes. I use a two to one liquid to grain ratio, and instead of just plain water, I add bullion powder instead of salt. Simmer on low for 15 minutes, fluff and done.