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Oct 31, 2002 04:08 AM

help with a couple of Indian food names

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What are chole batura and pav bhaji? They aren't in any glossaries that I've found on the web, and I'm trying to planning my next meal at a recently discovered gem of an Indian cafe..... Thanks.

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    Simon Majumdar

    Chole Batura is a Tamil dish from South India. I am never quite sure what is in it, but they serve with large puri or porotta

    Pav Bhaji is a jain dish. It comprises vegetables cooked with fenugreek and then served in a pav bun which is topped with Pav massala.

    The best I have had of the latter in NY is at Dimple on 37th between 6th & 7th, but I am sure there are better in other places

    Hope this helps


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      Hey simon and foodfirst, chole bhatura is also punjabi, in fact I think versions of it are served throughout the country.

      one of the few punjabi phrases I know is to ask for more. Bhatura is a large bread, with a puffier, chewier texture than puri, and lighter than naan. Chole can refer to most chick pea currys, but I've often seen it be specific to a chick pea curry that is slightly thicker and sour (either by tamarind or dried green mago powder-amchur)

      Pav bhaji is pretty much as Simon described - is one of the more famous bombay street foods. If a place serves that you may also wanna try their bhel puri (puffed rice "salad") puffed rice with cilantro, finely chopped raw onions and other variable toppings

      hope that helps.

    2. so....what is this gem of an indian restaurant? Don't keep it to yourself!

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        It's in Bangkok -- I posted on the intl board.

      2. Chole - Chickpeas
        Bhatura - A yeasted naan that is deep fried not baked

        Pav - A bun (very similar to dinner rolls)
        Bhaji - Bhaji is a generic term that literally means 'cooked vegetables'. However, when used with pav, it is always a potato based dish.

        Chole Bhature are a staple in the North, from where it originates (Punjab/Haryana). Pav Bhaji is a distinctly Bombay dish, right up there with Bhel

        Both of these are essentially street food btw and had for breakfast in winter (especially Chole Bhature)

        Source: I'm indian

        edit to add recipe links
        CB -

        PB -

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          Wow, meatnveg, you resuscitated an 11-year-old thread!

          Well, both are some of my fave snack items :-)