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Oct 23, 2002 06:29 PM

Roast Chicken - good for how long?

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Once I've roasted a chicken and it in the fridge, how long can I pull of strips of meat for salad, sandwiches, etc. before it's gone bad?

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  1. I have kept it for a good week, refrigerated. I don't know how much longer it would last because in this house it is all gone by the end of a week.

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    1. re: Jeremy Newel

      When it doesn't taste good anymore throw it out. Depending on how well you've stored it, it should last from one to two weeks. After that I wouldn't even give it a taste-test; I'd just toss it. BTW, I've frozen cooked chicken and turkey meat and used it in casseroles and sauces after I've thawed it out with no problem.

    2. It will keep longer if you smoke the chicken while roasting it.

      1. If you keep the chicken in chicken broth in a closed container in the fridge (cut it up into pieces) it keeps its flavor longer because the main problem is that the chicken dries up. I still do not keep it for longer than a week or ten days.

        1. Boy, I'm amazed at the responses so far! A week, at least?? Wow, I though 3 days max. And, for what it's worth, I didn't smoke it 'cause I don't have a smoker but I do have an oven (in which I roast 'em), and I wonder is there some way to smoke in an oven (I know, it sounds like a teenage pothead question)?

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          1. re: Cymbiosis

            The problem is that pathogenic bacteria do not affect the eating quality of food, while spoilage bacteria do not cause illness. Therefore, something which is obviously spoiled may be perfectly safe to eat, and something which looks and tastes fine may put you in the hospital.

            It depends on how quickly you refrigerated your leftovers and how cold your refrigerator is.

            When something is approaching the limit, you can turn it into soup, which gives you more time to finish it.

            "1-2 weeks" is risky advice. The USDA recommends 3-4 days, although I usually get a week from something like this.



            1. re: ironmom

              I usually toss after 8 days. I keep my frig very cold, and it is not opened a lot all day long.

              The USDA almost always errs on the side of extreme caution in food safety issues, so realize that when considering its standards.

              1. re: Karl S.

                Certainly. When I say "1-2" weeks is risky, I'm saying that under ideal conditions, you'll probably get a week out of it.

                I can't imagine getting 2 weeks out of it unless the refrigerator is so cold that the chicken has ice crystals in it. Otherwise, the slime will prevail.