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Oct 16, 2002 08:51 PM

Galusky...what is it?

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Local church having a galusky supper.
What is galusky?

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  1. My guess would be cabbage rolls with a meat stuffing, cooked in broth. I first encountered it in a Russian context under the name golubtsii. We discussed several variants here a few weeks ago, including lazy golubtsii, where the stuffing is made into big meatballs and the sausage is chopped up and cooked in the broth.

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    1. re: Bruce H.

      Your guess would, unfortunately, be wrong. Golubtsii (Russian) or holubtsi (Ukrainian) are variously spelled as golumbki, galumbki, golambki in Polish. Those are the stuffed cabbage leaf rolls, filled with at least two of: meat, mushrooms, some form of grain.

      The original poster asked about galuski, which would be halushky in Ukrainian. These are small, elongated boiled dumplings, made with a potato-based dough. They are similar to gnocchi, but a little larger. They're served either as a side dish with stews or by themselves coated with melted butter with sour cream on the side (or for a really good variation, coated with onions caramelized in rendered bacon fat, and topped with sheep-milk cheese). In a church supper setting, they usually end up pretty heavy and greasy; when made correctly and served very fresh, they can be almost delicate.

      1. re: Kaz

        A later posting by the church noted that the Galusky was meat wrapped in a cabbage leaf and cooked in kraut.
        Thanks for the responses.