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Oct 14, 2002 04:00 PM

Halloween party ideas

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I am going to throw a Halloween party this year for both adults and older 9,10 yr children. Kids party will be on Halloween, and then Friday night we are having a real party for all of our adult friends. (kids will be with Dad) I have downloaded some recipes off MasterCook, but I don't have time to try them all.
So, does anyone have recipes for good, creepy cuisine ?
Party game ideas appreciated also. Thanks !

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  1. I know people hate her, but Martha Stewart is ALL about the Halloween parties: food, decoration, you name it. Lots of recipes on her site and in this month's issue of MSL I'm sure.


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      I have to agree that Martha is the authority on Halloween entertaining. I am going to make her pasta w/ roasted pumpkin pancetta sauce - or at least my highly revised, much lower fat version - for Halloween. It's really tasty and easy to prepare the sauce a head of time. A very adult dish that goes along with the theme of the holiday without being too cutesie or time consuming.

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        Caitlin Wheeler

        My favorite Martha Halloween Idea --
        punch (something red is best.)
        Take one of those generic plastic masks and coat the inside lightly with oil. Fill with water and freeze.
        Fill two rubber gloves with water and freeze.
        Place ice sculptures in punch bowl. Looks like a drowning guy pushing to get out. Cool!

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          dittos re: Martha

          There is a chocolate cake in the shape of a pumpkin on her website that looks pretty good. Two chocolate chiffon-ish bundt cakes sandwiched together with chocolate and glazed orange.

          A few years ago I made faux wine lables on my computer (a Martha idea also) Murky Merlot, etc. with bat and skeleton graphics and some babble on the back lable about "earth" and "hints of blood", etc. It's fun to do a spoof of silly wine lables. Soak off the real lable and apply.

      2. Twister is always a hit.

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          Especially Naked Twister

        2. I was just looking at cake ideas for Halloween just yesterday on the Internet for about 10 minutes. Many of the magazine ideas I've seen are for kids parties (which may be okay for you adults? I don't know). There are some websites that I found with a "Halloween Cakes" search on google where you can order the decorated cake. There are pictures, too, if you find one you like - you can take it to your local bakery.

          One that both kids and adults like is the dirt cup.
          You get paper Halloween cups and make a no-cook cheesecake recipe and layer it with a pumpkin mixture. Start with the cheesecake recipe on the bottom, and end up on the top with a layer of pumpkin. Then stick in a couple of gummy worms so they are hanging up and out and over. Then add dark cookie crumbs (simple to make in a food processor or a blender) to the top.

          Oh, and just for the night, put a lamp with a black light in it in your bathroom.

          1. Saw this website. The busy bug (cookies) sound really good because its salty and sweet.

            Also, take a look at the strained eyeballs.

            Also, for snacking, put out little paper bags (with rolled down edges, that you've decorated, like you use to take trick or treating with you when you were a kid. Put in some T o T candy and let your kids resupply it for you with theirs!

            Also for snacking, mix those little sesame sticks in with a few gummy worms. You can even add some whole cumin seeds in with them.


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              Here's the strained eyeballs from the Mastercook collection.

              Strained Eye Balls

              Recipe By : Creepy Cuisine, Lucy Munroe
              Serving Size : 6 Preparation Time :0:00
              Categories : Halloween Horror

              6 egss
              6 ounces whipped cream cheese
              7 ounces green olives -- with pimentos
              red food coloring
              Place the eggs in a saucepan and cover them with cold water. Cook over high heat until the water begins to boil. Then turn the heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes.

              Place the cooked eggs in cold water. When they are cool enough to touch, crack the eggshells all over by rolling them on a hard surface. Peel away the shells carefully and cut the eggs in half widthwise.

              Remove the yolks from the eggs and fill the holes with
              cream cheese. You won't need the yolks for this recipe.

              Press an olive into each cream cheese eyeball, pimento facing up, for an eerie green iris and startling red pupil!

              For a final touch, dip the tip of a toothpick in red food coloring and draw broken blood vessels in the cream cheese.

              Penny Halsey

            2. My favorite one is to take baby carrots, use cream cheese for glue and apply sliced almonds for finger nails, and a dish of salsa for the dip.

              Another one I like to to make deviled eggs and put a slice of black olive in the middle to make an eye.