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Oct 7, 2002 12:38 PM

Combining Sweet and Salty Foods

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I love the combination of sweet and salty.

Some of my favorite combinations are:

Bananas with slices of either NY Sharp Cheddar Cheese or Port Salut Cheese.

Terra Yukon Gold Onion& Garlic Chips slathered with Ben & Jerry's Concession Obsession.

Fresh Cut watermelon sprinkled with salt.

What are you favorites?

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  1. Italian water ice and philadelphia soft pretzel.

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    1. re: Shoeman

      A ripe mango, cubed...with salt, lemon juice, and powdered chile (NOT chile powder)...known to everyone in Mexico over the age of 2. Or papaya, or cantaloupe, or pineapple...same flavor hit. Bliss.

      1. re: Cristina

        Something similiar that my Mom used to like to eat:

        Green(unripened) mango with a sugar, fish sauce, chili pepper paste.

        Combination sour, sweet, salty, spicy.

    2. I've recently been trying dates wrapped in bacon -- oo-la-la!!

      -- Paul

      1. a bag of m&m's dumped into a bag of popcorn at the movies.

        french fries, heavy on the s&p, dipped in a chocolate shake.

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        1. re: archway

          Seconding the salty fries dipped in a chocolate shake! Even better in a Frosty! Yummy!!

          Hubby likes lemon wedges with salt on them. Ditto with watermelon.

        2. I forgot to mention another of my favorites:

          The Cheese Medley Stoned Wheat Thins dipped in Nutella. Yummy goodness.

          1. chocolate covered pretzels and chasing salty french fries with milkshake.

            Another combination I love but is sweet and acidic rather than sweet and salty is chasing oreos with orange juice. YUM

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            1. re: Lulu

              I was already thinking of a similar combination while reading these posts --- An ex-boyfriend of mine used to LOVE pouring orange juice over heaps of Haagen Daz chocolate ice-cream. I thought he was just trying to gross me out til I gave it a try. Now I convince others to taste it. MMM-mmmm.