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Oct 4, 2002 02:28 AM

Mustard lovers unite!

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I have a confession to make...I love mustard. My refrigerator is a virtual smorgasboard of all kinds of mustard and it's my number one condiment choice.

On the down side, I see a lot of wholesale discrimination against mustard lovers, especially here in the midwest. Many restaurants, particularly fast food restaurants, do not even offer mustard and you get some funny looks even requesting it. For instance, try getting mustard at Arby's or Rally's. Many restaurants literally shove catsup at you and have bottles of the red stuff on every table. Sure, catsup has it's place (though I haven't figured out exactly where that is yet).

Mustard lovers, are you as frustrated as I encountering restaurants with abundant catsup, but with mustard hidden behind the counter (if they even have it at all) as kind of an embarrassment?

We as mustard lovers must unite and support our mustard addiction. Are you listening restaurant owners?

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  1. >I see a lot of wholesale discrimination
    >against mustard lovers, especially here
    >in the midwest.

    Really? Not sure which part of the midwest you're in, but there's an entire Mustard Museum in Mt. Hoereb, Wisconsin.

    -- Paul

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    1. re: Paul Lukas

      And, they have a terrific catalogue with a huge selection of mustards, both in the USA and all over the world. They put together really nice gift boxes which I give to fellow mustard lovers at Christmas. They always have one that consists of the grand prize winners of the International Mustard competition, and another I like is their all-American collection. They offer a great assortment of mustards from Dijon.

      1. re: Paul Lukas

        Here's a link to the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum's website:


        1. re: Paul Lukas

          It made for interesting reading and I am now drooling after browsing the gift shop!

          1. re: Paul Lukas

            Just to update this information to 2010, the mustard museum is no longer in Mt. Horeb. It's been moved to Middleton, just outside of Madison.

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            Caitlin Wheeler

            I have to say that, in addition to being a mustard lover (nothing like a mustard and butter sandwich!) I am also a mustard snob, and would be highly unlikely to touch the mustard offered by such establishments. I also remember, as a childhood mustard-hater, not being willing to eat McDonald's hamburgers because they had mustard on them.

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            1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

              My little sister was the same way. And this is way before the trend of letting the customer dictate what they want or don't want on their sandwich. We used to scrape everything off her burger and hope that we got it all.

            2. b
              Bride of the Juggler

              I became a mustard lover after our visit to Paris this year. We brought back about 6 different kinds of mustard, mostly from Fauchon. They include cognac mustard, horseradish mustard, roquefort mustard, violet mustard, and tarragon mustard. In fact, if we put mustard on a hot dog in our house, it's Fauchon Cognac Mustard.

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              1. re: Bride of the Juggler

                wait a minute---you went to Fauchon and bought 6 types of mustard but you don't mention real Maille mustard store on the other side of the Place d'madeline [sp] where they make the mustard fresh and pack it into the crock for you?
                The mustard comes in a little crock with a cork lid pounded in, they date the lid [it lasts much longer than the date they put on it but gets a bit weaker] and they lecture you on refrigerating it. You may have seen, or tried, Maille mustard in jars in the store but the real thing from the store in Paris is different and oh so very good.

                1. re: jenn

                  Here's the website complete with recipes and a history of mustard!


              2. d
                David De Silva

                If I bring home one more mustard my wife will kill me! My collection takes up its own little section in the door of the frig. I love mustard and there are so many good ones out there! I eat lunch sometimes by getting a sandwich at my local Heavenly Ham and they have a great selection. One I love is their "Martini Mustard" made with a wee bit of vodka and little pieces of green olive in it, great on a sandwich. And, their "Secret Sauce" mustard is wonderful too, sweet but hot enough to clear the nasal passages as well.

                And yes, when I ask for a grilled chicken sandwich at a fast food place "without mayo but with mustard" they look at me strange and make me squeeze those little packets of mustard on it, usually getting more on me than the sandwich.

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                1. re: David De Silva

                  Sounds like my husband's mustard collection on our frig door - only to be outdone by his BBQ sauce collection. It's a never ending quest!

                  My favorite is Zatarain's Creole mustard and his is Nance's. I carry packets of mustard in the car for those places I think may not be able to provide any. I eat hotdogs and hamburgers with mustard - no ketchup.

                  1. re: David De Silva

                    I'm in your camp, though I'm slowly coopting my wife, an avowed ketchup freak. I believe we keep 7 kinds in our fridge, on average, plus Coleman's powder in the spice rack. I always get mustard for my fries, and have enjoyed it on fried fish. I guess that's one reason I don't often eat fast food...

                    If I may make a recommendation, if you have a German specialty outlet or mail-order option, Shaller & Weber here in New York (2nd Ave & 86th) makes some wonderful mustards which are often available elsewhere. The spicy-sweet bavarian is the ultimate for most salamis or kielbasa type stuff, and the horseradish mustard is superb for roast beef, amongst other things.

                    The discrimination isn't necessarily limited to here. I was in the Netherlands once ordering fries at a late-night snack bar and asked for mustard. The woman next to me said "What are you, French?"

                    1. re: dude

                      Actually, I beleive it's Schaller & Weber.

                  2. I never had a problem with finding and getting mustard until I moved from the midwest to the east coast. It's not as bad in Vermont as it was in NYC. You should try asking for mustard with your hamburger in NYC. People thought I was crazy. I would also get strange looks when I would ask for a packet of mustard to go with my egg and bacon on a roll in the morning. They also actually eat hot dogs out here with ketchup on them and nary a drop of mustard. A mortal sin according to my grandmother who grew up in Chicago.

                    You can at least rest assured that I do not begin a meal that requires mustard until it's brought to my table. Even if I have to ask 6 times.