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Sep 24, 2002 02:11 AM

"spotted dick" name origins

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A friend of mine works in a local British-style pub. Every Monday he serves a dessert called "spotted dick". He is frequently asked about the origins of the name. I have searched my many resources for this information and have found only vague answers. Any help out there? Thanks!
p.s. This is a totally legit culinary querey!!

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  1. English chef Jamie Oliver from Food Network recently made a spotted dick on his show. Nothing risque about the origin of the dessert's name. According to Jamie, around the turn of the century in England, dogs were called "dicks" and when prepared, this dessert dish resembled a dog with spots (because of the raisins in it) -- thus the name "spotted dick."

    BTW, have you tried spotted dick and what did you think?

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      See also Lobscouse and Spotted Dog, a book of recipes which accompanies the Aubrey/Maturin books. Click on Table of Contents link for more astonishing British dishes.


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        I've had spotted dick out of a can, and it's not bad. Kind of a wet, sweet sponge cake with raisins.

      2. I realize that this does not answer your question, but I could not resist telling this story. I took my 3 sons (16, 14, 10) to London this summer, and we were eating at this place near Trafalgar Square called the Sherlock Holmes Pub. It was right around the corner from our hotel, so we decided to eat there on our last night in town. Of course, they eyed the spotted dick on the dessert menu, and one of them had to try it. (At least they aren't afraid to try new things.) By the time they had made the decision to order it, they were laughing so hard that the stuffy waiter started to laugh. I was trying to be a good mother and not encourage them, but it was hard not to laugh behind my napkin. I still laugh when I think about it. They enjoyed the dessert, at least.