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Sep 21, 2002 04:34 AM

Correct type of pie for a face

  • j

If you were planning a pie in the face surprise for a friend, what type, flavor would you choose?

I am leaning toward crumb crust with custard and whipped cream. I feel it would have the correct texture, trajectory potential.

Any help or thoughts? Is this mean?

peace, jill

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  1. Not "mean" by any means.

    Hilarious. I love it.

    "a pie in the face surprise for a friend" isn't something you can plan. It's gotta be spontaneous.

    1. I think a pastry crust would be easier on your friend, larger pieces, easier to remove, less chance of crumbs in the eyes....Also, when one is using a pie strictly for throwing purposes, doesn't one just fill the shell with whipped cream, and aim? I mean, why waste that effort????

      1. "Any help or thoughts? Is this mean?"

        It's hostile.

        1. I think the best way to answer this question for yourself is to imagine your very own face graced with whatever pie you have in mind. BTW, most on-camera face-pieings are actually done with an aluminum pie pan filled with shaving cream. Yum, huh?

          1. If you think the recipient will find it funny, then it's not mean. It's only mean if you think it might hurt or embarrass the target.

            Practical considerations:

            1) Don't use a real pie. It would be a real waste of a delicious homemade confection. Why not use a prop pie, see below, and bake a real pie to serve afterwards?

            2) I would go with an aluminum pie plate filled with whipped-cream-in-a-can. Fill the pie really full for maximum splattering drama. It tastes good, it looks dramatic, and it's not going to sting the victim's eyes.

            3) The final reason not to use a real pie is that part of the "visual" is seeing it stick to the target's face. A real pie might just slide off, whereas whipped cream will splatter and stick for better Polaroids.

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            1. re: Lindsay B.

              Yes, I always coat my Polaroids with whipped cream...