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Sep 20, 2002 09:45 PM

Okra minus the slime...does it exist??

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Hey! Does anyone have suggestions or ideas to avoid the slime of okra??? I found what seemed like a great recipe with tomato, ginger, etc. using untrimmed okra, so as to not expose the 'slime' elements. The idea being (I guess) that if the okra is not cut up and then simmered until tender there is no slime????

Well, this did not work and it was slimier than EVER. Is there some sort of magic trick??? Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Serve it deep fried.

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    1. re: ironmom

      Agreed. I like to cut it on the bias very thin and fry with no breading. Season with Indian curry spices and serve with diced tomatoes and sliced onions on top.

    2. If you cook the okra long enough, the slime will go away. This works best if you saute the okra in a pan first and add liquids after the slime is gone.

      Not cutting it small enough, adding liquid early on, and not cooking it completely are all slime enhancers.

      Of course, I would describe fully cooked okra as cooked until that slime is gone...

      I love okra.

      1. No joke, I like the slime.

        But its true if you cook it long enough the slime goes away.

        1. Use fresh okra. Wash and slice in 1/2 to 3/4 in. slices. Do not dry. Dump in bowl. Add one handful flour and two handfuls cornmeal. Toss together. Heat some oil in a cast iron skillet. Doesn't have to be deep enough to deep fry. More than to saute. Add okra by handfuls to oil, shaking off the excess flour and meal. Fry until golden brown, stirring to turn okra. This all needs to be done over pretty high heat. Will probably clog arteries. No slime. Addictive.

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          1. re: Plano Rose

            This sounds much like the way my mom has cooked okra for years. The only differences: she uses only cornmeal, no flour, and not a whole lot of oil. Not one bit of slime and absolutely delicious.

            1. re: Dee Gustay

              Me too -- I toss the sliced okra with cornmeal, salt and pepper, and use only a couple tablespoons of canola oil in a cast iron skillet. I start it off with a lid, to tenderize the okra, for maybe ten minutes, stirring frequently. Then I take the lid off and continue to cook until it's crispy. No slime, no hardening of the arteries. When I was a little kid in Arkansas this was the ONLY cooked vegetable that I would allow to pass my lips.

          2. I LOVE okra - any way you prepare it, even slimy! But my SO would only eat it fried until I steamed it for her. You need very small baby okra - no longer than your pinkie finger. Steam (or boil in very small amount of water) for 3 to 4 minutes - start testing after 3 minutes - just until tender crisp. Add butter, salt, pepper and squeeze of lemon and that's it - no slime. She now loves it that way. You could add other ingredients but they would probably need to be cooked separately and added. Sometimes I saute onions and garlic in a little olive oil (or butter or bacon grease or mixture) and add fresh chopped tomatoes (or canned)with a pinch of sugar and cook a bit then add the okra for just a few minutes till tender crisp. When they are that small, I leave them whole but sometimes I just barely slice off the very top - not enough to expose the pod - because my SO likes it better than way.