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Aug 28, 2002 02:55 PM

pepper mill mechanism- ceramic vs. metal

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Which is better? For longevity and, more importantly (to me), evenness of a nice grind. I can figure that the ceramic won't rust over time, but are there other disadvantages to the ceramic? I've poked around the internet but can't find anything addressing this. I seem to be on this eternal quest for the perfect peppermill.

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  1. I would suggest the old fashioned method of Pestle and Mortar. You control the grind, the crush, and the texture you require. It is also aesthetically pleasing on the table.

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      Peter Hertzmann

      Are you sure the mechanism is ceramic and not white plastic? For my money, I've been using a couple of Peugeots for many years without and problems with rust. These are far superior to other brands IMHO.

      1. The main purpose of the ceramic mechanism is to prevent it corroding when you grind salt in it. For pepper, a metal mechanism is fine.

        Grinding salt isn't necessary, as it doesn't lose freshness like preground pepper can, but it is often done.